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The 'Homer Simpson' Of Great White Sharks Tried To Eat An Entire Frigging Humpback Whale

There is perhaps no bigger glutton in pop culture than Homer Simpson, the cartoon patriarch of The Simpsons family who has literally been taken to court for being a “remorseless eatin’ machine” by shutting down an all-you-can-eat restaurant, consumed Play-Doh in an effort to bump himself up to 300 pounds so he could work from home (which I’m not gonna knock, if we’re being real here), and even once broke one of the tortures of hell for his ability to outlast being force fed doughnuts. 140 more words

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Your Enemy Is Not Who You Think

“There is no natural predator for killer whales. They used to think great white sharks were it, but the killer whales just flip them on their backs and wait for them to pass out. 501 more words

Shark Bait! A Great White Adventure

I have realised I don’t travel enough to really crack on with the Travel page of this blog, so I am going to get you caught up on a couple of previous trips that were just awesome. 3,681 more words


The Delicate Balance of Friends & Great White Sharks

The warning signs were all there.

One friend was slow to commit to plans and made a point to keep an unusually close eye on me leading up to the day of our trip, and the other needed to be bribed with the promise of several days spent in wine country in order to even think about setting foot on the boat. 2,006 more words


Great White Shark Sightings Continue Off Orange County

SUNSET BEACH (CBSLA.com) — An increasing number of great white shark sightings have  caused some beach closures in Orange County.

Miles of beach at Sunset Beach and Huntington Beach will be closed until Saturday after a 12-foot great white was spotted about 300 yards off shore this morning. 287 more words


This Photo of a Shark Lurking Beneath a Surfing Child Will Terrify You

An Australian father was in for a chilling surprise after a day spent at the beach, as photos from the outing showed his 10-year-old son… 220 more words

A Shark Was Lurking Below This Young Surfer And The Photo Is Chilling

Surfing on Australia’s New South Wales coast around Port Stephens is a gnarly endeavor. Sharks abound, especially great whites. That rarely stops surfers from hitting the waves to escape the hot summer sun and catch a set. 223 more words

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