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Fierce, Yet Vulnerable

Who has not experienced the pain of stepping barefoot on a Lego piece?

Here is a somewhat silly twist on that theme, thanks to Tami in my office.


Great White Sharks

Horrifying video shows great white shark break into steel cage with diver inside

In a video that I will lose sleep over, a great white shark off Guadalupe Island somehow forces its way into a steel cage that has a diver inside, thrashes about madly, and then manages to get out of the top of a cage. 245 more words


Researchers tracking nearly 750kg great white shark lurking off U.S. east coast

Researchers are gonna need a bigger boat as they track a nearly 750-kilogram great white shark off the U.S. east coast.

The Virginian-Pilot reports that researchers located it early Monday in the Atlantic Ocean near the Virginia-North Carolina border. 361 more words


Apex predators, just off shore

I’ve always had a certain respect for the ocean. Growing up on the Cape I’ve always lived within minutes from the ocean. I’ve seen how the tides have shaped the shores, sandbars moving up and down the coast, and beaches being lost to erosion. 1,211 more words

Class Assignments

Watch A Great White Shark Shoot Straight Out Of The Water Just Inches From A Crew Of Surfers

So, sharks are fun. Everyone loves Shark Week, after all. And who doesn’t want to be Left Shark? What’s not fun: when sharks decide to… 316 more words

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