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So i have been back in England now for nearly 3 weeks :( I can honestly say that the near 3 months i spent in South Africa and Gansbaai have changed me for the better. 258 more words

Cape Town - Diving with Great White Sharks

Maybe my opinion will be a bit unpopular, but I found Shark Cage Diving to be much more scarier in name than the actual experience. 841 more words


Last few days :(

I have been completely hopeless at writing this this blog… It’s my last few days in Gansbaai and South Africa. Can’t describe how sad this makes me. 158 more words


Hello! today’s topic is types of sharks in the future I am going to focus on specific types. So I can’t list all the species of sharks there are because there is 440 known kinds of sharks so I think that would probably take forever so I am just going to list the ones that are known to attack most. 139 more words

Marine Biology

APSS - Releasing Penguins

It’s well known that I probably spent more time at The African Penguin and Seabird Sanctuary then on the shark boats. APSS is definitely where my heart lies in Gansbaai, I love seeing first hand what these guys are doing to try and save African Penguins and other cape marine birds from extinction. 160 more words


Weekend Wanderers 3 - White Shark Africa

This weekend we are heading to Mossel Bay, South Africa for a White Shark Adventure with White Shark Africa.

If you have found it a little intimidating to step into the big blue ocean because of the ‘unknown’ that roams the waters, then this is adventure you should definitely add to your list.   790 more words


The hunt for the Leafy Seadragon

As most of you will know I love nothing better than the peace and quiet of listening to the fishes and moving with the current 30 meters under the water.   408 more words

The Beginning