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One year on the road!!

At the beginning – Mt Feathertop, Bright

July 2015.- Larrawa Station

Well, we have been on the road for exactly 1 year now! 365 days of travelling, camping, house sitting, seeing the most amazing sights. 621 more words

This seal was out for a swim, and then, all of a sudden, a shark saw its dinner

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A research group working off Cape Cod captured spectacular footage on Monday of a great white shark leaping out of the ocean as it attempted to prey on a seal just 30 feet from the shore. 54 more words


The Biggest Great White Ever Captured on Video

The megashark, nicknamed Deep Blue, is estimated to be 20 feet long and 50 years old. The shark was spotted near Isla Guadalupe, off the coast of Mexico and is thought to be pregnant.  14 more words

Weird News, Crazy Videos, And Conspiracy

Massive Shark Report: 'Deep Blue' is Biggest Great White Caught on Film and Huge Tiger Shark Caught in Australia

I can’t decide if this footage of what is believed to be the biggest great white shark ever caught on film is terrifying or eerily soothing. 261 more words


This Video Of 'The Largest Shark Ever Filmed' Will Keep You On Dry Land Forever

Hi, hello, how are you? Are you sitting on the beach right now? Are you thinking about putting your toes into the water, maybe taking a little morning dip in the ocean? 274 more words


The Real Deep Blue Sea

It seems as if Steven Spielberg’s defining summer blockbuster Jaws may have had more than just a toe dipped in the water involving the true events that inspired his film. 140 more words

Surviving Shark Alley

From the very beginning of our trip planning, shark cage diving in ‘shark alley’ was on Mark’s must-do list. As anyone whose been to a beach with him knows, he’s never the farthest person from shore — let’s just say he doesn’t like the idea of sharks.   370 more words