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Apex predators, just off shore

I’ve always had a certain respect for the ocean. Growing up on the Cape I’ve always lived within minutes from the ocean. I’ve seen how the tides have shaped the shores, sandbars moving up and down the coast, and beaches being lost to erosion. 1,211 more words

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Watch A Great White Shark Shoot Straight Out Of The Water Just Inches From A Crew Of Surfers

So, sharks are fun. Everyone loves Shark Week, after all. And who doesn’t want to be Left Shark? What’s not fun: when sharks decide to… 316 more words

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A Spearfisher Barely Escapes With His Life In This Insane GoPro Footage Of A Great White Shark Attack

A 22-year-old college student, Tyler McQuillen, is lucky to have escaped with his life after getting attacked by a 12-foot-long great white shark, while spearfishing with friends off the coast of Santa Barbara in just 10 feet of water. 197 more words


Blue Water, White Death

An article in my August issue of National Geographic opens as such:

“When the documentary Blue Water, White Death hit US theaters in 1971, its footage of great white sharks crashing into diving cages became instantly iconic. 297 more words


Man In the Gray Suit

Man in the Gray Suit
Also known as the Landlord……love being home paddling among our humpback whales of Monterey Bay and a few more elusive species. 236 more words


Shark Nursery

A small town on Long Island’s easternmost point has long been known as ‘The End’ – but for great white sharks, the waters off Montauk are just the beginning. 130 more words


Research Team Searching For Great White Sharks In Expedition Off Montauk Coast

MONTAUK, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A research team is taking part in a shark expedition off the coast of Montauk where it is believed that great white sharks give birth to their young. 385 more words