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Shark Week Finale 🦈

I wait all year for SHARK WEEK – I’m sure you know someone who feels the same!

I love this cartoon from SHOEBOX!!!

This seasons SHARK WEEK was fantastic! 371 more words

A Search For Great White Sharks, Off The Coast Of Cape Cod

Let’s get this out of the way up front: I didn’t see a shark in Cape Cod. Even though I woke up hungover the day after the 4th of July, and took two planes across three timezones to go look for one. 2,541 more words

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When a Large Predator with Teeth is Involved, the GOAT is Usually in Trouble

There are so few words needed to describe what you’re about to see for the forthcoming “Shark Week” on The Discovery Channel. Please click the video below and get ready to have your mind blown. 15 more words

Marine mammals prey on livers for buoyancy

In recent months, four bodies of great white sharks have washed up on the western shores of South Africa. Each shark’s liver had been “surgically” removed, along with the hearts in two of the cases. 136 more words

Great White Shark Sightings Are Out Of Control, But Why?

Southern California is a virtual shark festival this summer. Paddleboarders have found themselves in the middle of shark packs and terrifying attacks, like one where a woman lost her leg, are… 352 more words

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47 Meters Down (review)

I didn’t expect much from this movie and to be fair, maybe my low expectations of it is what makes me think it wasn’t that bad, I don’t know. 2,238 more words


Jaws Needs the Deep Blue Sea

Have you ever wondered why giant great white sharks (ie-Jaws) aren’t showcased in aquariums?

I’ll help you out with your curiosity.

In addition to the extensively reported video above, let’s not forget about… 188 more words