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I have been enjoying a radio programme about writing the last few days called “The Invisible College“. I don’t think I have learned anything new as far as creative writing techniques go, but I love listening to the voices of genius writers past and present, and their often conflicting ideas of working that always turns out into something I want to read, regardless of their chosen methods. 148 more words

Creative Writing

Forget about becoming a great writer

In his book, On Writing, Stephen King talks about four different types of writers: Great, Good, Competent, and Bad. He also makes the argument that a Bad writer can’t move up to competent, and a Good writer can’t become great. 317 more words


Here's Why Denis Johnson Was the Last Truly Great Gonzo War Correspondent — by Jeremy Kryt

Johnson was “willing to place his lonesome ass in the way of seriously bad and scary stuff and then bring back the tale, told better than it’s ever been told before.” 14 more words

The Writing Life

Does Auto Detailing Increase the Value of a Vehicle?

The average person keeps their vehicles a lot longer than they have in years past. People are hanging onto their vehicles for 5 – 6 years before trading it in or selling it to replace it with another one. 557 more words


10 Things Every Writer Should Remember

A few days ago, I actually thought it, I even dared to speak the words out loud to God. “Maybe I just need to quit.” 729 more words



A colleague of mine once told me that all “Great Writers” suffer some kind of trauma or catastrophe at around age thirteen. That statement upset me for weeks. 1,741 more words

Paying your way through writing to Greatness

Never be content with attaining information, never be content with writing every uncommon word for in that you will find a way to lasting truth and wealth.


Great Writers