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Calling All Great Writers by David H Headley

It is a new year and I am looking for exciting new clients. I have been thinking about some of the books that I wished I had represented and I thought that I would share them with you so that you may get an idea of the kind of books that I am looking for. 676 more words

DHH Literary Agency

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Like me, some of you may now be at the stage where you start thinking about sending your work out to agents. This can be (is) a worrying time. After all, you've spent years working on something, chopping, honing, crying, raging etc.until you feel it's ready to be looked at by someone who knows their stuff. Well, these guys look like they know their stuff. In fact, they even lay out exactly what each agent is looking for.

Problems with Elitist Approaches to Great Literature

Yes, I am going to spend the rest of my Literary Life reading only the greatest writers and only the greatest literary works. Ok, but stop and ask yourself: just who decides who the major writers of Western Civilization are and what makes them so “major?” 163 more words


A conversation with Byzantine luminary Averil Cameron.

Averil Cameron is one of the leading English-speaking scholars of late antiquity and Byzantium. She has made Byzantium, in particular, interesting and relevant to a generation of academics, students and history enthusiasts like myself. 1,699 more words

Byzantine History

What the great writers had that we don't.

Have you noticed the decline in writing quality in some newly-published books? I’m not talking about the self-published and small press novels, but the ones from major publishers. 919 more words

Craft Of Writing

Five important history books of 2015.

I am usually not one to review books on this website, but I cannot let the year slip by without mentioning some of the books that have engaged me and stirred my imagination over the year. 1,020 more words



We both drank. We were both drunk assholes. In the beginning, it was great. We laughed, pointing out absurdities, which this world is full of. We were cynical, sarcastic, sardonic. 1,396 more words