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Mark Twain on religion

Samuel Clemens was born in Missouri in 1835 and when he became a writer he adopted the pen name Mark Twain. He was called the father of American literature and died in 1910. 168 more words


Wise Words from George MacDonald

Some days, we just need some inspiration to get through the day. So today, I offer you some collected quotes by one of the great writers and visionaries to once live in this world in person, who now lives on through the beauty of his writings: George MacDonald, the mystic with the luminous eyes, the writer of fairy tales and stories and poems and sermons, the husband, the loving father, the lover of God, the man who inspired C.S. 42 more words


Penguin Little Black Classic No.71: Il Duro


I really enjoyed these four personal accounts of Lawrence’s sun-drenched experiences in early 20th Century Italy. Once again, the Penguin Little Black Classics format offering the perfect “in” for an author I had never really got round to reading. 151 more words

What are you afraid of?

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From my journal August 7th , 201

These days all I do now I sit back and watch how some people let their fear hold them back..I have come to some amazing new realization that its true when they say ” you can’t teach an old dog new tricks ” and no matter how educated, intelligent , they keep repeating the old fear ..Don’t they know “Nobody gets out of here alive! 194 more words


Messy, Lonely, Complex, Sad, Magical, Mystical and Beautiful

Writers can bring out the humanity in their readers. Humanity is messy, lonely, complex, sad, magical, mystical and beautiful. In order to really touch your readers,  pour your inner longing into your writing. 861 more words

Amazing Women Who Inspire Us ! Sappho, the Greek lyric poet.

International Women’s Day is almost upon us again this Sunday 8th March. Throughout the last twelve months I have featured many women who I truly respect, appreciate and are fond of their accomplishments. 809 more words


A little on Sherwood Anderson and Love !

Sherwood Anderson

“Love is like a wind stirring the grass beneath trees on a black night”

‘You must not try to make love definite. It is the divine accident of life ‘ 77 more words

Emotional Presence