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For each is an artist with his own tone

The imagination is an incredible asset both on a personal and collective level. Our ability to bring fantasy to life via film, the pages of books or canvas magnificence is the colour palette of this world and our lives whilst on planet Earth. 901 more words

Evolution Of Man

Magnify Your Purpose

I love how my friend Lisa can tell amazing Bible stories and relate them to us today. She has such an amazing gift! I always feel like I have learned something new and been greatly inspired and encouraged. 81 more words


“When you are Talented, you will be Used. It is your usage of this knowledge that will determine your endurance and placement in the World of Arts & Entertainment.”


Living In Europe, The Other Side Of The Rabbit Hole.

Was Francis Bacon The Real Shakespeare?

After Edward, Earl of Oxford, there is another well-supported contender for the title of the ‘Real William Shakespeare’ – Francis Bacon.  According to the arguments, Bacon was the son of Elizabeth I, by Robert Dudley, the Queen’s lifelong love and court favourite. 1,227 more words

Interesting People

Nancy Marie Brown reveals some interesting truths about the Lewis Chessmen, Viking history and Margret the Adroit.

Medievalist and author, Nancy Marie Brown just might be Iceland’s hardest working advocate. She spends a part of each summer offering an educational experience about the sagas and Vikings, not in a tour bus, but on Icelandic horses! 2,783 more words


Edgar Allan Poe: The Master of Mystery and the Macabre

You would be hard pressed to find anyone, especially among our fellow lovers of horror stories and tales of terror, who doesn’t know who Edgar Allan Poe was. 553 more words

Great Writers

How do Great Writers Come up with Brilliant Ideas?

As a writer, I’m sure you have struggled with how to come up with a great idea for a story. You aren’t alone, it happens to all of us. 571 more words