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Mass Effect 3

          So Badass……………

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 The Above picture sums up my reaction to mass effect 3.

I have to admit firstly that i have not played either of the previous two entries (yes,i have not played mass effect 2!!!!!!) and gave this one a shot mostly because one of my friend recommended it,truthfully i have never been much of a space operas ,never been much of a star trek fan,nor did i love star wars,except bob fett,everyone loves boba fett,so the idea of playing as a galactic commander(ala star trek) didn’t really excite me,i was curious about this hype surrounding the franchise about how the nature of your actions in the game determines the course and endings of the game,needless to say i was blown away. 560 more words


“Obviously creation was great, but it is far more important for us to understand that creation is the reflection of the very nature
of God.

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One "Blood"Borne Every Minute!

As I recline into the consolidating embrace of a stain resistant sofa that is seemingly laced with as much protective veneer as Twitch’s security and an upholstery preservative that is as effective as spraying concentrated honey repellent onto a flower to deter bees, I wave gestural salutations to the kindred remittance of work, declaring its association severed for another week. 486 more words


Where Does Greatness Come From?

Yesterday, I offered some thoughts on what actions and mindsets differentiate the great individual from the good individual. I concluded that there are two facets to the great person that the good person does not possess: 812 more words