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Top 5 Great Deals in Designer Resale for People Who Love Fashion

You often hear from fashion magazines about the fantastic deals you can find in a designer resale shop. In fact, it is often said that you’ll find clothes and accessories at prices that would make any fashionista scream. 112 more words


Any Complex Ptsd Advise Out There

Hey I have a great frieND who has c. Ptsd and always trigger her and make things worst… what are some advises.. she cut me off her life but can t handle it since once I grew up its late n she know if she forgave me for 1000000 I will screw again Plz not used to ptsd… 6 more words

'The Night Circus' is sweetly enchanting

Author: Erin Morgenstern

Released: 2011

It’s only open at night. In the blinking moment between sunset and sunrise, it appears with no warning and no sound. 443 more words


Reading is the key to knowledge and if you don’t allow yourself to expand your mind how far do you really expect to go?

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5 Great Game Soundtracks (That You Hopefully Remember)

We all love a good soundtrack whether it be from cinema, television, theatre or video games. A soundtrack can do so much for a game, building atmosphere and help creating memories. 1,065 more words