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Good day

Hello all!! Today was a good day for me because I got some of my History HW done. I will plan on finishing it all Sunday morning before I go to my dads store. 16 more words

Photo Gallery

Hi, This is some of Daniel Raines’s great works. Enjoy!

  • Great Sand Dunes National Park, 2015.
  • Hawaiian Flower on the big island of Hawaii, 2014. 
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Look Good With These Great Aging Tips 3

Look Good With These Great Aging Tips Obtaining out of bed in the early morning could confirm to be an excruciating job if you re not precisely maturing well. 46 more words

Henry Determined To Join The United States Of Europe Will Say Goodbye To The Great New York Red Bull

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MLS Henry move things settled today, the New York Red Bulls Club China announced today they will announce on Thursday a major signing, the United States had fought on the news of Henry has been disclosed by the media, therefore, Red Bull major signing…

destined for greatness

Just a reminder: You don’t have to have a great audience to do great things. Being destined for greatness doesn’t always mean you’ll stand before many. 162 more words

Jesus & His Bride

Wistful perfume is strangely comforting...

For some reason this new perfume my mom gave me is very comforting. The scent is mild and light but feminine and elegant. It’s from France. 7 more words


The Great Little Book of Afformations: Affirmations or Afformations • Jay Warren

If you read any of my blogs, I talk about having a daily routine. When I wake up, one of the first things I do is read and write affirmations. 7 more words