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SYRIA - Palmyra and the Limits of Propaganda in the War against ISIL

Russia and Iran pulled out all the stops to make Bashar al-Assad “the liberator of Palmyra” before the continuation of the Geneva talks in April. Syrian government forces would have been incapable of this task without support from Spetsnaz, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and members of the Iraqi Shia militia. 422 more words

Islamic State Terrorism

SYRIA - Towards an Islamic Emirate in Idlib Province?

Ayman al-Zawahiri, the chief of Al-Qaida, had previously opposed the creation of a Syrian Islamic emirate in the areas controlled by the Al-Nusra Front and its allies. 412 more words

Islamic State Terrorism

Archeaeology News : Palaeolithic stone tools found in Iranian Kurdistan

Archaeological excavations in caves and rock shelters in Sirvan Valley in Iran’s Kurdistan Province have led to the discovery of tools belonging to Stone Age hunters and primitive cavemen. 424 more words


Borders of Blood in the Middle East

A passage from Pierre Hillard’s book, The Irresistible March towards the New World Order (La marche irrésistible du nouvel ordre mondial)

The tensions and violence that have shaken the Middle East since the Israeli military intervention in Lebanon on the 12 July 2006, are merely the visible part of an enormous political, economic, religious and philosophical world programme. 718 more words

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