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QUICK READ: Here is how the announcement on Jerusalem benefits Trump

Recognizing Jerusalem formally as the capital of Israel might bring positive results for Trump.

Trump’s latest move to recognize Jerusalem the capital of Israel might give him the leverage to negotiate what he has dubbed “the ultimate deal” between Israelis and Palestinians. 105 more words

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Umbrüche im Nahen Osten

Schon in der Präsidentschaft von George W. Bush kursierte eine Karte, die völlig neue Grenzen im Nahen Osten – einen “Greater Middle East” – zeigte. Darauf war auch ein unabhängiger Staat “Kurdistan” eingezeichnet. 251 more words

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Changing face of Middle East geopolitics: Growing realignments

Until very recently, it was a recognized reality that the Middle East was divided into two greater blocs, where Syria, Iraq and Hezbollah were spearheaded by Iran (often addressed as shia bloc) and the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey and Qatar were spearheaded by Saudi Arabia (often addressed as sunni bloc). 843 more words

Greater Middle East

Iran's rising influence wreaking havoc in Middle East

While the post-sanction era seems prosperous for Iran, it seems worrisome for Iran’s major foe, Saudi Arabia, which is being confronted by Iran’s rising influence in the Middle East and the anticipation of Iran achieving a nuclear weapon soon. 678 more words

Greater Middle East

Turning Temporary Problems Into Permanent Ones: America’s Real Military “Strategy”

Tom Engelhardt.  Introduction by W.J. Astore.

Readers of Bracing Views are familiar with Michael Murry’s frequent contributions to our site.  One of Mike’s more penetrating comments originated from a discussion he had with the late Sri Lankan Ambassador… 1,124 more words

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Shared regional agendas are stimulating the rapid rise of Turkey-Qatar cooperation

Located strategically between Europe and Asia, the Republic of Turkey has been increasing its cooperation gradually with Qatar, a Sunni-Arab state in the Gulf, and this has taken the shape of some degree of alignment. 645 more words

Greater Middle East