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Papadopoulos, where's the Party?

The more informed of you might already have heard this name: Rigas Papadopoulos. Well, for the rest of you that don’t know him, he is the… 479 more words


Greater Ridgeway and Egtavia to the National Party

Results as of January 2: NSP 4 – NPSC 4

A turning point for these General Elections: the Britons are for the National Party.

The Federation of Greater Ridgeway has unanimously voted for Annabelle Pincer as their Governor, with 7 votes in favor ( 135 more words

Decision 2013

NPSC meets Greater Ridgeway representatives (poll)

Greater Ridgeway citizens to celebrate birthday of former NPSC deputy

This afternoon, President of the General Assembly and Nationalist candidate Alexander Reinhardt has met with President of Greater Ridgeway Annabelle Pincer and Socialist Assemblywoman Elena Ferranti to discuss the future of the Federation in light of the possible removal of inactive citizens in St.Charlie, which would hit significantly the British region. 145 more words


New capital, Alvisi: "searching cannot be like a dog show"

Disagreement between government and opposition. Prime Minister Nicolò Alvisi has recently intervened at the parliamentary session on the new region that will succeed District by claiming that “we cannot turn this into a call for competitive bids”, stating that in order not to turn the searching into a “dog show”, St.Charlie should federalise the capital and adopt a system similar to the one in the Netherlands, where although a capital exists, government institutions are located in another city or across the nation.  163 more words

St.Charlian Politics

New capital: National Party takes over Parliament

Bronisz: “Capital must be cultural and social center”

The National Party of St.Charlie has been handing out, since Monday, several proposals for the new capital that will have to be approved by the General Assembly “as soon as possible”. 449 more words

St.Charlian Politics

The Greater Ridgeway - May 2010

Twelve months ago today Barbara and I were on the Wessex Ridgeway, the first leg of the Greater Ridgeway. In retrospect we could have done things better, including shortening our days and taking two days over hilly sections of more than 16-miles. 3,957 more words


BREAKING: State of Emergency requested for Greater Ridgeway

Governor of District Barbara Ruvolo has requested her colleague, leader of Greater Ridgeway Annabelle Pincer, to declare a state of emergency for her Federation after the last days’ incidents reported next to the old Ridgeway and throughout Britain. 227 more words