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Self Portrait

The contents of this site are constantly changing – Artist’s Statement needs revising (always!), new paintings need to be added to the done, things like that.   162 more words

Oil On Canvas

Rupert, done

When a dog tucks a front paw under his/her chest, it indicates comfort; but crossing the front paws is pure contentment. Not all dogs cross their paws when they’re happy, but I’m fortunate to have one that does. 158 more words

Oil On Canvas

Rupert, in process

I’ve painted about eight Swissies, and I think a lot of people assume that they are all my own dog, Rupert.  I had been meaning to paint him, but I just never knew… 49 more words

Oil On Canvas

Osa begun

Osa in Sheets  (40 x 30″) will differ from my usual process in a couple of ways: first, because the dog is covered in sheets, she must be painted first; and second, I am going to try to morph some of these folds into an unfinished dry-brush technique as I work out toward the edges. 88 more words

Oil On Canvas

Obi (detail)

I’ve been working on Obi for a while. There have been times when things did not go as planned and I felt like I would never finish. 98 more words

Oil On Canvas

The year of the alligator

I fielded some requests over the holidays to get back to blogging. And while it’s never my intention to go on a blog hiatus, just like skipping a few workouts, sometimes its hard to get back into the swing of things after some time off. 951 more words


Obi, started

I am always happy to start another Swissy, and Obi is one who always seems to be wearing a cheeky grin. What a fun face to paint! 65 more words

Oil On Canvas