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Did you just say "Grandma and Grandpa's"?

Jasper is a friend’s Swissy, and she has a knack for capturing his funniest expressions.  As the painting becomes more defined, his eyes will become more buggy and the tooth caught in his lip will be more visible. 33 more words

Oil On Canvas

Did you just say "Grandma & Grandpa's"? sketch

And so another Swissy painting begins! I’d better go do some Christmas shopping, but am anxious to get an underpainting down…

Oil On Canvas

Making it official

Just shy of five years and one cross-country move later, Finn is no longer an illegitimate child.

We are over the moon, excited and blessed. 13 more words


Lotte, underpainting

I had been meaning to split a painting into a diptych (two canvases), but was waiting for the right one.  Let’s see if I can finish this in time for Somerville Open Studios next weekend…

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Betty final

Finally, Betty is done.

One of the first things that I tell people when inquiring about commissions is that I don’t do the standard head & shoulders portrait.   70 more words

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Betty progress

When I look at a painting in progress, I will often plan in parts.  “OK, I just need to 1) work the darker blues and black into the face, 2) blend the side reds, and 3) add the highlights,” and it seems simple enough.   88 more words

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Betty (redirect)

No, this doesn’t look anything like the sketch in the previous post.  Betty has very soulful eyes, and although the previous image carries with it a touching story, it failed to capture the essence that her eyes normally possess.   67 more words

Oil On Canvas