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Greatest Hits Vols 1 & 2 - Queen [#556 & #557]

It often seems like people tell me that I should like bands more than I do.
I’ve never liked Queen that much. Sure I appreciate the groundbreaking style of… 199 more words


Game Day Greatest Hit

Ryan Fisher ain’t the only one who can crank out a good single.  Check out the latest from the GG Greatest Hits!

Greatest Hits - Guns N'Roses [#555]

Axl Rose and his buddies cram 14 of their songs onto a CD and call it their greatest.

In my opinion, Guns N’ Roses are a band of a certain time.  203 more words

Best Of

Greatest Hits - Gipsy Kings [#554]

Spanish guitar wanking with France’s own Gypsy Kings. Yeah I didn’t know they were French either.

Having heard their version of Hotel California on the  71 more words


Favourite Worst Nightmare 9 Years On...

Wow this is mental, 2 posts in 2 days? What am I like? I discovered that this day 9 years ago Favourite Worst Nightmare, topped the uk album charts. 246 more words


by Maddy Siiter

What I find the most comforting about Augustana’s music is that its decade hasn’t been uniform. With the four records and one EP released under the alternative rock group’s name–whose lineup now seems to only regularly consist of frontman and sole songwriter Dan Layus–there’s definitely proof of growth, experimentation and honesty of the life Layus lives written in each song. 227 more words


Greatest Hits - Falco [#553]

These Greatest Hits albums feel almost never ending.

We’ve met tragic Austrian pop star Falco before on the Music Project back in December so I won’t labour the point about why he is present in my music collection, but for those readers new to the project in short, Falco’s  101 more words