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Excuse Me, Can I Get the Bread That Won't Go Bad?

If we were hauled into court and accused, could we be convicted of being a Catholic Christian?  Would we be convicted?  Like Father Charles talked about Sunday, would we succumb to the secular mob?  573 more words

Bible Scripture

What now?

So what do WE do now, the day AFTER the resurrection?  What did the disciples do?  What did Jesus do?

 I am quite sure Jesus did NOT sit down for ham dinner and look for Easter eggs on His Resurrection day. 545 more words

Daily Devotion

“I Have Seen the Lord!”

“I Have Seen the Lord!”

April 5, 2015 – John 20:18

Who doesn’t like to hear a good story? Storytellers are wonderful to listen to. Small children love to hear stories. 1,421 more words

Resurrection Eggs

When my children were preschoolers we wanted to share the “Greatest Story Ever Told” with them but we wanted to do so in a way that would not frighten them.  664 more words

Proverbs 16:9 - Journey Thoughts

To Serve and Protect

What is a hero?  Is one born or built? Brain or brawn? We could talk about this for years and still have more to say. 917 more words


Why the Bible's popularity comes from it's narrative

Jesus and the rest of the Bible has always been a plump source for inspiration in pop culture, from movies, TV, books and even great ads. 783 more words

Pop Culture

The Jesus Question

If we could just keep Jesus at a human level, even a great human worthy of our respect for his teachings, life would be so much less complicated. 1,011 more words