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How much WATER do you REALLY NEED??

A few months ago, we did a post about old wives tales and myths in the world of nutrition…but never would we have thought that the old adage to drink 8 cups of water a day would be one of them! 239 more words


This Guy Has Written Honestly The Best Dating Advice I've Ever Come Across. (Fine, It's Matthew Hussey and He's Great.)

So, it’s no secret I’m single. The way Ken once explained it to his old college roommate (who I know as well), “Ellie has severe social anxiety around straight men.” 2,477 more words


The In-Home Workout Mother-load!

DC gets hot and humid in July/August. So outside runs and even getting to the gym can feel like a lot of effort. We have shared many videos over the last two years to inspire you to work out inside, but Greatist has compiled….well the… 74 more words


"I'm not strong for a girl, I'm just strong."

Watch this video of the very badass powerlifter Molly Kelly. Smart, strong and crushing it, this is what young girls should be watching. Not because they all need to be powerlifters, but because this girl is living it right. 13 more words

The Truth Behind Athletes

I was reading an article yesterday on Greatist about the new trend of glamorizing #fitspiration and how we have gone from fantasizing over sexy thin models to fantasizing over athletes working out in tiny clothes. 375 more words

Greatist Risk Week 1 Round Up

So I finished my first week of the 30 Day Take A Risk challenge and overall I really enjoyed the experience!

Certainly I got out of my comfort zone and felt resistance and frustration but I achieved everything I set out to do and I’m really pleased with that – usually I would just back out if I felt uncomfortable doing something and wouldn’t think much more about it. 1,209 more words


June's Small Step: +1

This month’s Small Step is as simple, in theory, as it sounds: add just one thing to your weekly routine.  You need only 30 minutes a week to do it and you don’t need any special equipment.  1,282 more words

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