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What Caught My Eye #23

What a week! Last weekend my sister got married so for us this week has really been about getting back to ‘normal’, chilling out a bit and generally taking it easy. 246 more words

What Caught My Eye

What Caught My Eye #10

Welcome to this weeks post, this is the 10th one! I hope you’re all enjoying them and you’ve found some good stuff to read over the past 10 weeks. 397 more words

What Caught My Eye

Here's Why You Might Feel Sad After Finishing a Big Race

I recently wrote about my experience with some ~feelings~ post Ironman Maryland this past October. Check it out on Greatist and give it a read!

Marathon Training

What European women get right about food (and life)

This is a crosspost from Greatist, who published this story about how travel helps me maintain a healthy body image. In it, I talk about how leading… 1,134 more words

Going back to school and need a workout?

Dorm room life is fun, but not spacious. And even though college forces you to gain time management skills, many students don’t master those skills until their approaching graduation. 43 more words