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If I could talk...(An urgent message!!!!!)

If I could talk to the greats

What would I say?

Would they even listen? Would they look my way?

Maybe they’d take a¬†glance and wonder what I was to say. 656 more words


The 6 Best Tips From 'On Writing Well'

My favorite writer on writing died. William Zinsser, author of “On Writing Well” recently passed away. He was 92 years old.

Was his book any good? 501 more words

Walton-Deitrick Marketing Presents... GREATS.

In 2007 Ryan and Jon had discussed an early idea for GREATS but didn’t do anything with it.

Then, in late 2012 they got together and said, “What if?” What if we built a vertical men’s footwear brand that made high quality product and sold it direct to the consumer at a value price. 178 more words

Pikiran Kecil, Sedang Dan Besar

Menarik mengamati perkataan dari Eleanor Roosevelt, mantan Presiden USA yang mengatakan : “Small Minds discuss people, Average Minds discuss events, Great Minds discuss ideas”.

“Pikiran Kecil membicarakan orang. 203 more words

A Song for My Father

I never really “liked” my father; I’m not his baby boy. However, he’s changed his role recently due to the illness of my sister, his step daughter. 28 more words


Otis Redding - Free Me

My all time favourite. Classic, One of the greats :)