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Bruce Lee:"To me, ultimately, martial art means honestly expressing yourself."

Q: It’s interesting, we don’t in our world, and haven’t since the days of the Greeks who did, combined philosophy and art with sport. But quite clearly the oriental attitude is that the three are facets of the same thing. 204 more words

To the Last of the Greats

to the last of the greats
who stand
brothers (and sisters)

you were the best
of the best
and I miss you all… 65 more words


Jagjit singh:"I make sure that the words used in the ghazal are simple and understandable for common audience"

Q: What qualities do you look for in the poetry before choosing a ghazal for a musical composition?

Jagjit singh : Apart from the technical specifications to qualify as a ghazal, I am looking for a new thought in the poetry. 77 more words

by John Milton (1608-1674)

When I consider how my light is spent
Ere half my days in this dark world and wide,
And that one talent which is death to hide…

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Brian Lara :"People are always looking for role models"

Q: How does it feel to be a role model, and how do you take on that responsibility?

BL: It’s very important. As a sportsman you realise very quickly how short your career is and there’s so much life beyond that. 103 more words

Country Music Legends


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I spent most of my life listening to the great country music legends of all time.  I do like other types of music but nothing moves me as much as the greats.  214 more words

13 greats gifts for the geek guys and gals in your life

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Welcome to the 2017 TechCrunch Holiday Gift Guide! We check out a lot of really cool stuff here at TechCrunch, so we figured we ought to put that experience to good use and help you get your holiday shopping done quickly. 131 more words