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Giày Great G-Knit

Để không bị lẫn lộn với dòng G’Unit’s, ngày 7 tháng 8, Greats giới thiệu dòng G-Knit – dòng giày trainer hiện đại được cấu thành trong cấu trúc mũ giày một lớp có khả năng thoáng khi. 116 more words

Giày Dép


Do not most of us as a child look up to these people who stand in the limelight and think “Oh, I wish that I could be like him or her?” When I was a little girl there were many people that I “idolized.” Maybe for a time that might have been okay but what has happened with most of us is that we grow up into an adult and continue to “idolize” people and the Bible says this is WRONG! 982 more words


John Kay & Steppenwolf - Rock'n'Roll Greats (2005)

John Kay & Steppenwolf – Rock’n’Roll Greats (2005)

Fourth of July Greats and Favorites!

As tomorrow is the Fourth of July, America has many greats; great athletes, great sports, etc. We are sharing our greats or favorites. While you may agree or disagree on what and whom we consider great, these are our opinions. 824 more words

S-U-C-C-E-S-S and F-A-I-L-U-R-E mechanisms

In pursuit of success and excellence, I often come across with great men who have immortalized themselves with principles that continue to live beyond their lifetimes. 221 more words