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Fourth of July Greats and Favorites!

As tomorrow is the Fourth of July, America has many greats; great athletes, great sports, etc. We are sharing our greats or favorites. While you may agree or disagree on what and whom we consider great, these are our opinions. 824 more words

S-U-C-C-E-S-S and F-A-I-L-U-R-E mechanisms

In pursuit of success and excellence, I often come across with great men who have immortalized themselves with principles that continue to live beyond their lifetimes. 221 more words


#Wisdom from fulltimegreatness

Words of a Queen ☝️ Who are you going to be today, greats?!

by fulltimegreatness


"Never Give Up" - The Shortest Speech You've Never Heard Yet It Can Change Your Life

There was one speech that many people these days never knew about. It was so short many said it wasn’t true. But for those who believed it was true, yes the speech was short and yes it changed a lot of people’s lives. 451 more words



So there may be a few of you wondering where I’ve been. Busy is the word. But let me just tell you what I’m going to talk to you about this weekend. 54 more words


Journey to the Top

I’m constantly reminded, that the greats never got to where they’re at over night. It was a gradual process. There were those who had no signs of greatness in them but they achieve more than those around them.  117 more words


Grands Meet Greats!

Our grands, Selah and Chloe, are now 8 weeks old. Just a day shy of two months. Over the weekend they got to meet GREATS… 46 more words