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Everyman and Good Deeds descend into the grave alone, as none other of their companions may go with them. At last, the Day of Reckoning has come for Everyman.

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Frank Sinatra :”Most of what has been written about me is one big blur"

Playboy: Of the thousands of words which have been written about you on this subject, do you recall any which have accurately described this ability? 200 more words

Everyman is nearing the end of his journey to stand before God to give an account for the deeds he has done. As is the nature of all flesh, his aging body weakens, and he approaches the grave.

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Kazuo Ishiguro: “one of the things that's interested me always is how we live in small worlds and big worlds at the same time”

Q: I suppose what you have been writing about all this time, in a way, is that question of our place in the world, our connection to each other, our connection with the world. 139 more words

Everyman is well on his way on his journey to stand before God to give an account for the deeds he has done, accompanied by Good Deeds, Knowledge, Strength, Discretion, Beauty, and Five-Wits. 

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Yayoi Kusama :”In recent years the world has become unpeaceful and full of turmoil”

Q: You once said: “I create art for the healing of all mankind.” Is this vision already partially fulfilled for you?

Yayoi Kusama :In my decades of work, I have always thought of humankind’s love and world peace. 92 more words