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It is rare to see a piece of news that is genuinely uplifting, even rarer in the economics or politics section. To see Syriza win in Greece a few weeks ago was such an event; a country dogged by corruption and punished for years by the EU used the internationally sanctioned means of expression, voting in a new government who promised to put an end to austerity. 754 more words

Greece bailout: Deadline looms for crucial reforms

Greece is preparing to present a list of reforms to lenders in order to secure a bailout extension.

The list to be submitted on Monday must be approved by international creditors to secure a four-month loan extension. 583 more words


Stocks close at new record highs as Greece gets a bailout extension

U.S. stock indexes soared to new record highs Friday after Greece reached an agreement with Eurozone officials to extend the struggling country’s bailout by four months. 394 more words


NewsInBrief: 19 February 2015

Obama seeks to solve international chaos

President Barack Obama announced that the US will not fight against Islam, but against those who perpetrate terrorist attacks in the name of Islam. 429 more words


Greece, Spain and Barbados – When a Government/Party Really Seeks to Represent Its People

Submitted by Pachamama

It is impossible to understand the current cultural wasteland in the Caribbean unless it is properly located within its wider regional and international contexts. 1,444 more words


Peter’s Financial Market Commentary February 2nd 2015

For a PDF version of the below commentary please click here Weekly Letter 2-2-2015

Commentary at a glance:

-Fallout from the Greek elections is unfolding, leaving the markets uncertain. 4,551 more words

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Are Fannie and Freddie exempt from mortgage recording taxes?

More and more federal courts are answering this question with a resounding :“You Bet they are.”

The latest court to rule on this issue was the West Coast’s Ninth Circuit. 759 more words

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