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Greece Finally Gets Debt Relief Offer in New Euro Zone Bailout Deal

The euro zone gave Greece its firmest offer yet of debt relief in what finance ministers called a breakthrough deal that won a provisional commitment from the IMF to return to taking part in the bailout for Athens, heartening investors. 1,024 more words


The IMF Is Playing Hardball Over Debt Relief for Greece

It could be the gambit that breaks the deadlock over Greece (or that breaks the Eurozone, depending on how badly this year’s round of bailout poker is played. 442 more words


Greece Hopes for Bailout Funds After Passing Austerity Package

Greece’s parliament on early Monday passed a package of unpopular pension and tax reforms that the country’s leftist-led government hopes will persuade official creditors to unlock bailout cash. 456 more words


Oh Hi, Greece! We Didn't See You Blowing up Again...

Greece is bubbling again.

The long-suffering cradle of democracy’s place on the front line of the migrant crisis may have pushed its economic problems down the international news agenda since last July, but they are coming sharply back into focus now, as the tensions between Athens and its lenders erupted again at the weekend. 981 more words


Thousands of Greek farmers protest pension reform: Unions call general strike on February 4

A Journal of People report

Thousands of Greek farmers on January 28, 2015 protested in the northern region of the country against a pension reform proposed by the government. 280 more words


Greek debt remains unsustainable: Here is why

Jasper Lukkezen, an assistant professor in macroeconomics at Utrecht University, explains why Greek debt is “unsustainable”. He argues that, without further debt relief, Greece’s debt ratio is likely to increase in the short term. 1,756 more words