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Halki: A small gem in Greece's Dodecanese islands

An hour and a quarter ferry ride from the Greek island of Rodos (Rhodes) lies the impossibly picture perfect island of Halki, often spelled Chalki. In the small horseshoe-shaped harbour of the island’s only town, Emborio, freshly-painted pastel-coloured villas flow down the slope in serried tiers to the water’s edge. 1,077 more words


Day Trip to Chania

Tuesday, January 17, 2017
I’ve officially been with my parents for two weeks in Europe, and we haven’t managed to kill each other yet! We’ve discovered we are very compatible travel companions; it seems fitting, considering they are two of my best friends. 621 more words

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Greek farmers threaten with blocking Bulgaria’s borders again

We learned that Greek farmers are threatening to block the Bulgarian borders again.”
This is what Radoslav Gaydarski, member of the Executive Bureau of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), said speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, FOCUS News Agency journalist reported. 74 more words

Anastasios Pallis

Greece to permanently hire contract municipal workers

The amendment was passed in Parliament before the Christmas recess whereby tens of thousands of contract workers at municipalities across Greece whose contracts had expired, could be hired on a permanent basis. 129 more words

Anastasios Pallis


Ulrikes working hands after walnut picking


organic pomegranates

Celebrating Claras 25th birthday <3


work and fun combined

In Athens Alexis picked us up from the main train station. 612 more words