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Mykonos maze

The sun is rising ever higher in the Mykonos sky so we know we won’t have the old town to ourselves for much longer!

The cafes and restaurents are starting to put out their signs to catch the day trippers and the shops are beginning to lay out their colourful wares. 101 more words


Damn the wine is so good, it’s got “that thing,” if you’re a wine enthusiast this is the place to be.

Sitting on a volcano mountain in the Aegean Sea, Santorini is an awe-inspiring destination. 476 more words

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[PL & ENG] Greek Thessaly. Meteora - the wonder of nature and man.

Matka natura pozostawiła na naszej planecie dzieła tak wspaniałe, że wszelkie prace stworzone przez człowieka wyglądają na ich tle dość blado. Jak może konkurować wieża Eiffla z Wielkim Kanionem Kolorado albo Empire State Building z, zamieszkałymi przez niezwykłe gatutki zwierząt, wyspami Galapagos?

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Hello 2019!

Hello my dearies! How are you? How is the new year treating you so far? Any New Year’s resolutions that we need to know? I am so incredibly sorry that I haven’t written for over a month, but life has occurred and I have been remiss in updating this blog. 755 more words


Travels 2019 - Sicily and Macedonia

I hate the cold so I this January, after my family Christmas in Puglia, I have hibernated here in Ferentino, not even venturing out to local restaurants. 657 more words

David Beckham – Redemption and glory for Goldenballs.

History likes snapshots, images frozen in time that serve as an aide memoire for a much more significant event, a more comprehensive story. The 93rd minute of the 2002 World Cup qualifying game between England and Greece played at Old Trafford on 6 October 2001 with a white-shirted England player receiving the adulation of the crowd is such a snapshot. 986 more words

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