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On Being Too Greek

To simultaneously think too much and too little of yourself. Perhaps. even, to be proud that you’re a fuck up. In some strange way.

If it’s true to say I never much liked the Greeks it’s most likely because I don’t much like myself. 607 more words


Spit in antiquity...

Minos had now got back his son, but even so he did not allow Polyidus to depart to Argos until he had taught Glaucus the art of divination. 273 more words


Pausanias re. Dionysus, Hephaestus, and Hera

The oldest sanctuary of Dionysus is near the theater. Within the precincts are two temples and two statues of Dionysus, the Eleuthereus (Deliverer) and the one Alcamenes made of ivory and gold. 115 more words


10 Things You Forgot to Thank Your New Member Educator For

You can always tell who in a given room was in Greek life by surveying who is sitting and who is standing. If your boss is standing, I assure you so are the people who were in Greek organizations in college. 483 more words


Pausanias re. the goddess Hecate

References in Pausanias to the goddess Hecate…

They say that there is also a shrine of the heroine Iphigenia; for she too according to them died in Megara. 395 more words


A Ghost Story in Pausanias 6...

Olympic boxing champion Euthymus battles a ghost…

On his return to Italy Euthymus fought against the Hero, the story about whom is as follows. Odysseus, so they say, in his wanderings after the capture of Troy was carried down by gales to various cities of Italy and Sicily, and among them he came with his ships to Temesa. 378 more words


Pausanias re. "girly" Theseus the ox-tosser

Close to the temple of Olympian Zeus is a statue of the Pythian Apollo. There is further a sanctuary of Apollo surnamed Delphinius. The story has it that when the temple was finished with the exception of the roof Theseus arrived in the city, a stranger as yet to everybody. 74 more words