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Commemoration of the Martyrdom of Saint Tevdore of Ajara, and the Great Fire of Smyrna

Somewhat coincidental with the theme of yesterday’s post, today’s Saint’s Day focusses on a Georgian raised in the Ottoman Empire and martyred during Greece’s struggle for independence from the Ottomans. 894 more words

Greek Krema Bougatsa

Now you read the title and were probably like how do you pronounce that? Bougatsa is a greek breakfast (or dessert) which resembles a creme custard pie (I know, … 528 more words


It's All GRK In The 6ix

So I’m back at it..This time I have a little something for all you foodies out there. Do you like Greek food? I for one do and ever since I discover this place on Queen and Bellwoods I cannot seem to crave anything else. 186 more words


Basil Mediterranean Cafe

Basil Mediterranean Cafe claims they have the “Best Gyros In The Universe”. That’s a pretty bold claim. We’ve had some really good gyros… so we decided to put them to the test! 198 more words


Valentine's Day Date Ideas for You and Your Sisters

No matter how perfect and beautiful you think your sisters are, I’m sure at least a few of you will find yourselves single this Valentine’s Day. 387 more words



It seems like ages past,
time counted by the sea,
we held hands as if we were dying.

You were so slender,
a blade between my fingers; 133 more words


DIY Greek Letters

If you are a member of a greek organization, one of the most exciting parts is getting a new set of letters. For a greek, the anticipation of getting new letters can sometimes be the equivalent of Christmas day. 250 more words