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The loveliest sight I’ve left begins is the sun’s light
or clear stars on a dark dark sky, a full-faced moon;
and fruits in the summer – ripe cucumbers, apples, pears… 17 more words



Be as you wish to seem. — Socrates (469 BC – 399 BC)


«My Big Fat Greek wedding»

«My Big Fat Greek wedding» is an American comedy shot in 2002. The film is set in the Unites States and it tells a story about a young American woman of Greek descent named Toula, who lives in Chicago with her big family. 1,202 more words


Talking with the Byzantines

Byzantium is the reason why Greeks are still Greeks, even if Ancient Greek culture is what initially defines what being Greek is.

Byzantium, or properly speaking the Eastern Roman Empire, was a multi-cultural, Christian, Greek-speaking empire, which included (at various times) Greece, Balkans, Anatolia, Egypt, Syro-Palestine and Italy. 429 more words



You may forget but
let me tell you
this: someone in
some future time
will think of us

—Sappho, from If Not, Winter: Fragments of Sappho… 11 more words


Don't count your chickens!

The title of our last Post was ‘And life goes on’ and for those of you with good memories, you will recall that the piece ended with a reference to an upcoming trip to the UK, the main purpose of which was to attend a Memorial Service for my sister. 1,135 more words


Barbecue in Ancient Greek Culture

Dallas resident Michael Anderson is an avid fan of Mediterranean food and Greek history. Known for the famous kibbe he cooks at his Dallas area home, Michael Anderson is also a renowned barbecue chef. 167 more words

Michael Anderson