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It's All Greek by Sharon Ledwith

Fellow author Sharon Ledwith joins me in the virtual kitchen with a bit of history and some fabulous food.  Take it away Sharon!

Practically everyone has heard of the idiom ‘It’s all Greek to me’ or ‘It’s all Greek’, meaning that something is not understandable. 953 more words


The 5 Unmissable Islands Of Greece

Did you know there are about six thousand Greek Islands? Choosing just five of the best is tough! Of course, only two hundred and twenty or so are inhabited. 519 more words

Travel Destination

Holiday season in Kavousi

Our friends from the UK generally like to visit us in May and June (April too, but this year John and I were in the UK!) as the weather is warm but not too hot, the sea is warming up and there is some green in the landscape. 1,581 more words


WeekEND Reading: James William Brown talks political unrest, shadow puppetry, the resilience and spirit of the Greek people, and so much more in his sweeping novel, MY LAST LAMENT

By Leslie Lindsay 

A poignant and evocative novel of one Greek woman’s story of her own–and a nation’s–epic struggle in the aftermath of WWII.

I was definitely intrigued with MY LAST LAMENT… 2,305 more words

Leslie Lindsay

Greek culture

Discuss one of the following prompts. If half the class has already selected one of the prompts, choose the other.

  • Consider the strengths of the Greek culture as shown by the Persian War.
  • 100 more words

Κανελάδα από τη Κω!

Φοβερα δροσιστικο καλοκαιρινο αναψυκτικο, που ξεχωριζειμε την γλυκια του γευση και το μοναδικο αρωμα της κανελας. Πανευκολο στην παρασκευη του, και πολυ οικονομικο. Πινεται με μπολικο παγο.

Βάζουμε τη κατσαρόλα στη φωτιά και αρχίζουμε να ανακατεύουμε. Ανακατεύουμε καλά και αποσύρουμε τη κατσαρόλα από τη φωτιά.

Υλικά: ζάχαρη, αρμπαρόριζα, κανέλα, γαρύφαλλο

The Say Greece Team

On the Road in Greece: Colorful Corfu City

The town of Corfu stands on the broad part of a peninsula, whose termination in the Venetian citadel (Greek: Παλαιό Φρούριο) is cut off from it by an artificial  208 more words