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Greek fever

I have a new favourite desert – baklava. It’s sweet and sinful all rolled into a flaky decadent morsel. Talk about a sugar rush.

My cousin Indira has made it her life’s mission this year to get me out of my hermit crab shell. 148 more words


Why is Lord Elgin an abomination to the Greeks?

To the Greeks, the name Thomas Bruce, 7th Earl of Elgin, is an abomination, the likes perhaps, of only Lucifer himself. Lord Elgin, as he is more famously known, is notorious in my country for his enormous blundering appetite that was coupled by an equally enormous lack of regard for the Parthenon treasures. 1,083 more words

Effrosyni Moschoudi

Pergolas, Politicians and more Wild Weather!

In her last Post, Sheila described the strange weather that we have been experiencing here in paradise this winter. Suffice it to say that unless I have missed something, it has rained just about every day since she wrote her piece and if it hasn’t been raining, then it has snowed! 929 more words


Journal #4

3 Gesture Drawing:

Research: Greek Culture and Art

  • Weren’t a collective group of city-states separated by mountains and water
  • However, while separated and divided due to natural as well as personal barriers, Greek culture has thrived and pulsated through the civilization as if it were produced by one huge Empire.
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Modalities of Colonization and Hellenic Cyrene

The increasingly well traversed Seventh century (BCE) Mediterranean witnessed the colonization of some it’s most prized jewels by a more confident Aegean circle (mainland Greece). From their various mother-cities, Greeks often set out under the commands of the Delphi Oracle to fulfill Apollo’s wishes to colonize far-off lands. 1,483 more words

Rain and more rain

Today, as I look out of my window, and watch the rain and the sleet, it is hard to believe that only 10 days ago, I was taking photographs of flowers and blue skies. 822 more words


Anushay's Point On CNN: We Must Deal With Rape Culture

There is no denying that campus sexual assault in the US are currently at epidemic levels. But from banning fraternities to banning sorority sisters from venturing to parties to banning alcohol, why are the nation’s top colleges and universities, from the University of Virginia (UVA) to Dartmouth, struggling to find a solid solution? 122 more words

Violence Against Women