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What do you need to become a Hellenic/Greek Polytheist?

Before I completely derail this blog off its’ intended topic with my rants on hipster humanist pagans and bullies, I think it’s necessary to add a few constructive resources to the ones interested in my faith. 3,320 more words

Hellenic Polytheism

The power of positive thinking and related matters

Being a man who normally sees a glass half empty rather than the opposite, attempting to change the habits of lifetime does not come easy! However, for the last couple of years I have tried to amuse my family by adopting an approach to life (in name if not necessarily in spirit) which contradicts normality. 755 more words


Inhale, Exhale: On Mindfulness, Ancient Greece, & The Now

You must plunge beneath your crowded thoughts and calmly contemplate the higher realities with pure, focused attention. If you do this, a state of inspired serenity will remain with you throughout your life, shaping your character and benefiting you in so many ways… 477 more words

A Vassilopita recipe and the tradition of the hidden coin

Far from what the case is in the rest of the western world, the Greek version of Santa Claus, St Basil (St Basil the Great, St Vassileios, Agios Vassilis), brings presents to the children on January 1st. 1,239 more words

Effrosyni Moschoudi

There's a Coin in my Cake! On #Greek #NewYears & Luck. #MondayBlogs #Booktrope

Happy New Year! Kalee Chronia!

After two weeks of holiday celebration, work begins anew with the first blog post of 2016. In looking forward, into January and the months beyond while preparing for the March release of my novel… 448 more words

Silver Bells: On #Gratitude, #Xmas music & #GreekAmerican traditions. #MondayBlogs

This past Friday I finished a first draft of the latest short story for my collection-in-progress, and wrapped work at my day job prior to a two week vacation. 699 more words

Christmas is coming

I am not tempted to go out today and so it is a good opportunity to write a small contribution for the blog. The reason for the lack of movement here, is that the weather is pretty dull, a bit cold with some rain in the air. 1,294 more words