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March Madness: On #MyBigFatGreekWedding2 and New Novel Release Date #MondayBlogs #Booktrope

People Change. Greeks don’t.

That’s one of the statements flashing across the screen in oh-so-appropriate blue letters across a white background during the My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 trailer which, at the time of this posting, I’ve watched upwards of a half-dozen times. 516 more words


Puppetry in Athens

Yesterday we got up very early for a Sunday and went to the theatre. This was my first trip to the theatre whilst I’ve been living in Athens because my lack of Greek would make the whole thing pretty pointless. 453 more words


Getting ready for the big one

We have been back from Chloe’s wedding for nearly a month and after a visit from Bob and Frances from NE Scotland, a tropical downpour which partly flooded the house and helping Peter Trescher from British Columbia who is walking the length of Crete, to his start point, my thoughts turned to my upcoming 70th birthday later this month. 996 more words


A #Greek Bearing Gifts: On #Kindness, #Homeric Epics, and Culture. #MondayBlogs

“Beware of Greeks bearing gifts,” a phrase once commonly heard amid the every day lexicon of collective American vocabulary dates back to a time when just about everyone read and studied the classics. 643 more words


Ecclesiastes Chapter 1; Secularist and Christian View of Time:

In an article in the August 2012 National Geographic (page 38) there is a short illustration of the battle between the secularist and the Christian view of time. 584 more words

A Severe Time Of Skepticism

8 Reasons Your Lineage Is The Best Part Of Being In A Sorority

1. You loved them before you knew them.

As a new member when you start to receive gifts from your future Big, you weren’t entirely certain who they were, but you already loved them. 440 more words

A post about coffee you don't want to miss!

Yesterday it was International Coffee Day, so to celebrate the occasion I made myself this cup of Greek coffee, then I had the notion to blog about it. 644 more words
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