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The Crisis: an update from Kavousi

Yesterday, I went to Ierapetra to do a few small things and was struck by the sight of queues at every ATM in town. They were however, short (perhaps half a dozen folk), very orderly and literally policed by a member of the local constabulary. 894 more words


Saikaley Reviews Secrets

Review by Sonia Saikaley

Secrets in a Jewellery Box by Demetra Angelis Foustanellas spans time and culture, shifting between the past and present. Foustanellas knows both worlds: she was born in Ottawa to Greek parents and in her thirties relocated to Greece. 1,207 more words


"You Spot It, You Got It"

Conservative Christians in my country are currently beset by a rash of “sexual indiscretion” scandals, personally or with their close associates. In some instances their response is to minimize the “sin” with the pious platitude, “God has forgiven me” but what they fail to address is how that often their lives have been characterized by ardent stances on moral issues and quick judgment of others on sexual matters. 711 more words

Religion And Spirituality

CW50 Street Team Becomes Greek For A Day

Have you ever wanted to be “Greek for a day?” Well you are in luck if you visited the 2015 Ya’ssoo Ann Arbor Greek Festival this past weekend. 169 more words


Come on Greece, hurry up and decide!

Keith Hudson

Just like parents of a spoilt child who constantly give in to his demands to avoid the shame of him running away from home and thus showing up their ineptitude to their neighbours, so have the Eurozone authorities been giving in to the . 854 more words

Jewish Greek Festival on the Lower East Side

Today we went to a new festival in our neighborhood, the Jewish Greek Festival. If you happen to see this today (May 31, 2015), the event goes on until 6 p.m. 51 more words