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May Postcards from Symi

A band of thunder showers passed over Greece last week.  Symi got off lightly with a few muddy sprinkles and a general clearing of the air.  932 more words


Living on the Edge in Yialos

Health and safety rules do exist in Greece.  I mean, once a year a road block is set up at the windmills above Yialos to check that people are using helmets when out on their motorbikes.  388 more words


Germany versus Greece

An interesting dialogue between two opposing views about European and Global political and social responsibilities. Relevant more than ever, mainly the predictions, that already partly have happened. 6 more words


Wrong Alerts

Wrong Alerts



False ballistic missile alert rattles Hawaii


Hawaiians were sent scrambling Saturday morning — for more than 30 minutes — after an emergency alert notification warned of a ballistic missile threat, which turned out to be an error. 14,416 more words

Greek Economy

An outsider's update on the Greek economy

I’ve been going to Greece every two to three years since 2001. I was in Greece in the European summer of 2004 when the city of Athens dazzled like a block of white marble in the sun. 992 more words

Daily Life

-|- GR for GRowth -|- Greece's GDP Growth Rate -|-

<|> GR for GRowth <|>

-| Greece’s GDP Growth Rate (Reference Year: 2010) |-

2008: -0.28%

2009: -4.35%

2010: -5.33%

2011: -9.15%

2012: -7.28%

2013: -3.30% 46 more words

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