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Εκρηκτικό το πρόβλημα με τον Ρώσο “Mr. Bitcoin” για την ελληνική διπλωματία…


Στη ζωή, έρχεται νομοτελειακά η στιγμή να αποφασίσεις με ποιον θα πας και ποιον θα αφήσεις. 3,861 more words

Greek Economy

An outsider's update on the Greek economy

I’ve been going to Greece every two to three years since 2001. I was in Greece in the European summer of 2004 when the city of Athens dazzled like a block of white marble in the sun. 992 more words

Daily Life

-|- GR for GRowth -|- Greece's GDP Growth Rate -|-

<|> GR for GRowth <|>

-| Greece’s GDP Growth Rate (Reference Year: 2010) |-

2008: -0.28%

2009: -4.35%

2010: -5.33%

2011: -9.15%

2012: -7.28%

2013: -3.30% 46 more words

Christos Ghikas Financial Analyst

Greek economy shrank 1.1 percent in Q4 2016 -- Eight straight years of recession in Greece


© AFP | Greece obtained its third international rescue package worth 86 billion euros in 2015

ATHENS (AFP) – Debt-laden Greece’s economy shrank 1.1 percent in the last quarter of 2016 against the same period the previous year and Gross Domestic product fell 1.2 percent against the last quarter, the national statistics office said on Monday. 159 more words

Greece's debt on an 'explosive path' says IMF as EU faces fresh calls for another bailout

THE EU faces a crisis that threatens the sustainability of the eurozone after the International Monetary Fund warned that Greece’s debts are on an “explosive” path despite years of austerity measures and economic reforms. 822 more words


Economic discussion from two years ago - more relevant than ever

EugenR  July 21, 2015 at 22:13 said:

Surprisingly in all the articles i read about Greek catastrophe caused by entering the Eurozone no one mentioned even with one word, that without the Eurozone, Greek’s GDP per capita and their standard of living would be about the level of Bulgari. 7,032 more words