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Germany versus Greece

EugenR on July 21, 2015

Surprisingly in all the articles i read about Greek catastrophe caused by entering the Eurozone no one mentioned even with one word, that without the Eurozone, Greek’s GDP per capita and their standard of living would be about the level of Bulgaria. 7,132 more words


How Goldman Sachs Destroyed The Greek Economy And Created A Water Crisis In Detroit

A few days ago The Nation published an article by Robert Reich detailing how Goldman Sachs profited not only from the Greek debt crisis, but the… 1,295 more words

Merkel says no to giving Greece a 'classic haircut,' hints other relief is possible

BERLIN — Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday suggested that Germany would show flexibility in negotiating how Greece deals with its massive debt, but again ruled out writing off part of the money. 397 more words


Letters: Damage to Greece can't be minimized

Re: “Bailout deal a harsh cure” (Andrew Coyne, July 14)

Andrew Coyne attempts to minimize the damage austerity policies have had on Greece by noting that by 2014, the Greek economy was growing again and unemployment was falling. 429 more words


Deal or no Deal – Greece Debt Bailout

The Greek economy is in the midst of a debt crisis that has devastated the quality of life of the citizens and shut down national banks for the last two weeks. 290 more words

Debt Default

Chump Change - Greece!

Greece is the cradle of civilization, the birthplace of Democracy, steeped in history, art, philosophy and natural beauty. Apparently the European Union and the International Monetary Fund are prepared to make an example to the rest of world, to irreparably damage this country, to show what happens when one can’t pay their bills. 565 more words