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Golden Dawn came in 3rd in the Greek elections

Greece’s Golden Dawn Political Party is a very controversial political party. It has been labelled fascist and neo-Nazi by media groups and its leader is currently in jail. 295 more words


Greek elections and Yanis Varoufakis starring in EU

Following Greece’s parliament elections on January 25th 2015 the leftist party Syriza won the political marathon. Once again – Greece is on top of every news, media, TV and people minds. 480 more words


Greece - A New Day for Democracy?

Over the past few years I have been so sad to see the suffering of the Greek people as they bear the brunt of the financial collapse caused by the banksters.  329 more words

My Daily Musings

Thoughts on the victory of Syriza

One week ago, the people of Greece elected Syriza (aka. The Coalition of the Radical Left) to government and I am incredibly excited. Finally! After 40+ years of neoliberalism, a powerful counter-attack to austerity and to big business interests. 407 more words

Political Commentary

Some thoughts following my trip to see the Greek elections

This weekend, I joined a group of around 20 British activists in going to Greece to witness the historic election of Syriza. This is a report back with some thoughts of the situation based on what I could see. 1,857 more words


WTF is going on in Greece

People generally associate Greece with two things: My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and crippling economic debt.
Which is more than a little annoying because they fail to take into account Greece’s numerous other accomplishments. 188 more words



“As he climbed on an elevated stage in central Athens to give his victory speech on Sunday night, Alexis Tsipras looked more like a rock star than Greece’s newly-elected prime minister.” 919 more words