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The allure of Lefkas - a lovely Greek town.

We’ve been to Lefkas many times before, but I never tire of it.  For yacht people, it’s a bit like a  289 more words

Greek Islands

Just Kos it's Sunny doesn't mean you can't enjoy the town

The second leg of my Greek Islands 2018 Odyssey saw us take the 3 hour ferry ride to the lovely island of Kos.  A very pleasant and relaxing journey hugging the rugged Turkish coast line –  the tip of Kos is just two miles away from the ancient region of Caria in Turkey. 593 more words


"I pondered at how the creative beauty of mankind blended so perfectly with the majesty of nature"

The Venetian bay was calm, as the sun cast forth its luminous rays upon the quiet town stirring in the early hours of the morning. The beauty of the Renaissance era was manifested splendidly against the calm deep blue of the ocean. 33 more words


Το ομορφότερο δρομάκι στον κόσμο βρίσκεται στην Λέσβο

Πως να μην αισθάνθούμε περήφανια για το νησί μας αφού 1 γραφικό σοκάκι της Λέσβου, στον Μόλυβο συγκεκριμένα, συγκαταλέγεται μέσα στα 15 ωραιότερα του πλανήτη μας και το κυριότερο να βγαίνει πρώτο.

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The Greek Islands - Mykonos

We were beginning to fear that we might get pregnant by osmosis, so after several days of romance and relaxation in Oia we packed up our bags, said goodbye to our gorgeous, authentic… 308 more words

Sign of the times.....

Inspired by a post from  sonofabeach96 who is participating in a new weekly Photo Challenge, I thought I would join in too. meetthebloggers are running the challenge, and this week’s topic is “Signs”.   105 more words


The Greek Islands - Santorini

After spending a week living it up on a “yacht” (more like small catamaran) all over Croatia, we needed a break. While we had gained some amazing friends and a lifetime of memories we had also lost our (1) voices (2) countless hours of sleep and (3) the ability to withstand one more sub par boat shower. 254 more words