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Oh, to be on Leros now that Spring is coming

Martyn and I thought long and hard about moving to Greece, more specifically, to Leros. Then Brexit reared its muddled head and we decided to ‘wait and see’. 122 more words


"The beauty of the Renaissance era was manifested splendidly against the calm deep blue of the ocean"

The Venetian bay was calm, as the sun cast forth its luminous rays upon the quiet town stirring in the early hours of the morning. The beauty of the Renaissance era was manifested splendidly against the calm deep blue of the ocean. 34 more words


5 days in the Dreamy and Magical Greek Islands

The million shades of blue, the unique and traditional architecture, the culture, beliefs and the stunning sight of the magical Greece, everything that you really wanted to know behind all that and many more details to plan your trip to the blue paradise. 1,097 more words


"It seemed that the adversity was balanced by a spirit of hope and fortitude"

Gazing out towards the endless beauty of the Aegean Sea, I slowly looked back. The simplistic beauty of a white domed church perched on the cliff edge overlooking the town was at once perfectly balanced with the warmth of the morning sun and blue sky. 73 more words


What I was watching when I should have been (re)writing...

Martyn and I took a stroll down into Dawlish yesterday and look what we saw… a monochrome study but for the red beaks. There are now at least six adult black swans on Dawlish Water – and three nests, one with two eggs that I can see. 30 more words


"It was as if time had stopped, reminding me of a bygone era uncomplicated yet timeless in its beauty"

The old town had numerous cobblestoned paths ascending towards cliff. As we walked along the summit I looked out towards the ocean, overwhelmed at the sheer simplistic beauty of how effortlessly the splendour of creation blended with the creativity of mankind.   34 more words


The Greek Isles

Exhaustion and Glee. These are the first two emotions that come to mind when I think back to the last day of my study tour in the beautiful country of Greece. 612 more words

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