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Traditional Easter in Greece and - well - other aspects in Britain

Greek Orthodox Easter isn’t always at the same time as the Anglican, Protestant and Catholic festivals. This year it falls a week later, with Easter Sunday being on 28 April. 495 more words


Nisyros, an atmospheric island.

The island of Nisyros belongs to the islands of the Dodecanese and is located south of Kos. Although so close to the island of Kos, which is a cosmopolitan island, Nisyros owns a completely different character. 473 more words


Πάσχα στη Ρόδο: το νησί των ιπποτών

Το «νησί των ιπποτών», το «νησί του ήλιου», το «σμαραγδένιο νησί», είναι κάποια από τα ονόματα με τα οποία την προσφωνούν, όταν αναφέρονται σε αυτή.  950 more words

Say Greece

Needing Greece

Horizon a bit wonky but, then, I had been at Tzouma’s bar on the waterfront at Pandeli for a while. September, last year. If you’re from the south of England, you pronounce ‘grease’ as in ‘Greece’. 297 more words


Old Town Rhodes

After a seemingly long hiatus from traveling, I decided it was high time James and I spend a long weekend on one of these islands we’ve been meaning to visit. 1,145 more words

Lightening the refugee trail

This week I met a young man who had escaped the war in Syria and endured terrifying experiences in order to have a better life. Siblings died, his family was torn apart, access between father and children was denied by constantly changing border regulations. 498 more words


A Romantic Guide to Santorini

The cynics do not stand a chance in Santorini. I should know, I married one (well, an externally cynical one anyway – deep down, he is the warmest of the warm fuzzy sorts but fuzzy sorts rarely admit such things.) On the surface, Pumpkin can assume the role of grumpy old grump in almost any situation – not in Santorini though, not on the volcanic Greek island that absorbed him as much as it did me, not in Santorini, the island that melted every last pretend-icicle in his armoury. 2,011 more words