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Canvas Happy

I find crafting to be so therapeutic and relaxing. I am by no means an artist, and find most of my inspiration on Pinterest or from graphic design wizards posting to Tumblr and recreate them with my own twist and adjust according to my ability. 469 more words


Mini Paddle Exchange

Around Christmas in my sorority a lot of the pledge classes have mini paddle exchanges. These are a fun way to make paddles for girls within your class. 90 more words

Sororities + Fashion = you need a white dress!

Literally this is the one thing I wish someone had told me this piece of advice before I came to college. If you are even remotely considering Greek Life then bring a white dress, white jumpsuit, white pants and a white shirt, or just some white outfit. 241 more words

Greek Life: outside looking in, inside looking out

Growing up next to a large university, Greek life to me was a bunch of people drinking. That was all I saw on TV and it formed my image of Greek life, which could easily define college students in general, although now I know both of those are wrong. 471 more words

What No One Tells You about Freshman Year

Go to college, they said. It will be fun, they said. Okay, yeah college is awesome but what “they” do not tell you is how awful it is at the same time. 591 more words


Big/Little Goals

Finding the perfect Big has always been a dream of mine. I used to fantasize about a perfect big/little relationship and guess what I HAVE IT. 153 more words


First Stab at Paddle Making-Sorority Life

This is the paddle my twin and I made for my big last year in my sorority. Twins happen in sororities when their are more new members than girls taking littles. 154 more words