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7 Thoughts Actives have during Recruitment

  1. “I wonder if she thinks I am this excited all the time?”

I do love my sorority, our values, philanthropies, and fun memories but I am human and have bad days. 543 more words

How Recruitment works on Smaller Campuses

Most posts you see out on the internet are all about how recruitment works on a large scale university like the University of Miami or the University of Illinois. 782 more words

10 New Member tips when joining Greek Life!

My freshman year when I joined Greek life to say the least it was terrifying. All these girls suddenly started to friend me on Facebook, texting me, waving at me on campus, in my classes, and more. 508 more words

Going Greek: Where Sororities Fall Short

DISCLAIMER: These are my opinions. They are not meant to offend or be taken personally by anyone or any specific chapter.

As I said in a previous post, I never considered myself much of a sorority girl. 395 more words

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Why I Stayed

As fall is quickly approaching my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have all been blown up with people saying why you should go greek in the fall, and yes I am guilty to the previous statement, but I also think it’s important to explain why you stayed greek. 223 more words

Greek Life

5 Ways Rushing becomes Awkward

  1. Wearing uncomfortable shoes aka heels

If you are a pro at wearing heels, go you! Just be prepared to be a pro for five plus hours of walking up and down stairs and all over campus. 500 more words

Sorority Rush/Recruitment Guide Part IV: Philanthropy Night

Congratulations, you’re almost done with recruitment! Preference night is tomorrow, so you will definitely have been cut from a few houses by now, and that’s ok. 356 more words