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Greek Life: outside looking in, inside looking out

Growing up next to a large university, Greek life to me was a bunch of people drinking. That was all I saw on TV and it formed my image of Greek life, which could easily define college students in general, although now I know both of those are wrong. 471 more words

What No One Tells You about Freshman Year

Go to college, they said. It will be fun, they said. Okay, yeah college is awesome but what “they” do not tell you is how awful it is at the same time. 591 more words


Big/Little Goals

Finding the perfect Big has always been a dream of mine. I used to fantasize about a perfect big/little relationship and guess what I HAVE IT. 153 more words


First Stab at Paddle Making-Sorority Life

This is the paddle my twin and I made for my big last year in my sorority. Twins happen in sororities when their are more new members than girls taking littles. 154 more words

A Day in The Life

Walking into a fraternity house on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night, one is never sure what they’re going to see. Lets say this time the theme for the party is Luau. 762 more words


To Pledge or Not to Pledge

College fraternity and sorority life is usually not pictured in the most positive light in the media.

We have TV shows and movies like “Greek”, “Animal House” and  “The House Bunny” that don’t put greek life on display for their philanthropical actions or resume building attributes, but rather the constant partying, drinking and rampant sexual activities. 493 more words


My Plea to the Greek Community

Greek Life is a staple at colleges all across America. College would not be complete without fraternity men in their short shorts and boat shoes & sorority women throwing up their “gang sign” in every other picture. 249 more words