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Here’s several videos I’ve either done through class, or on my own. Sometimes filming, sometimes just editing.


First Stab at Paddle making-Sorority Life

This is the paddle my twin and I made for my big freshman year in my sorority. Twins happen in sororities when their are more new members than girls taking littles. 154 more words


Mini Paddle Exchange

Around Christmas in my sorority a lot of the pledge classes have mini paddle exchanges. These are a fun way to make paddles for girls within your class. 89 more words


Words of Advice to the New Exec

I’ve spent my last year of college as a member of the executive board of my sorority. It was a rough but humbling road and I’ve learned many things on my year long journey. 587 more words



(Originally posted after Taylor’s passing, in March)

The news has focused heavily on the recent University of Oklahoma SAE racial slur video. People have, of course, been heavily weighing in on the matter on social media. 1,138 more words


Seeing Yourself Through Someone Else

Today I got interviewed about myself for a Campus Celebrity Column at my university. It was so weird to think anyone would be interested in who I am. 129 more words


Can Social Justice Exist in Sororities?

by Alexa King

            Recently, my campus has been buzzing about a 500-word article put out by a student who is Panhellenic affiliated. In this article, the author shares her opinion about racial tension on campus, which has resulted in many people refuting the author’s claims. 841 more words