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The Delta Zeta Creed: Recommended Reading For The Fraternity Man

Disclaimer:  The following post was written from the perspective of a fraternity man & is in no way endorsed by Delta Zeta or any of its members. 622 more words

What Side Are You On?

Probation:  It’s a dreaded word which no honorable fraternity man wants to hear; at the same time, it’s a word which carries a stigma for those fraternity men who are actually living their organization’s values/principles day in & day out. 1,011 more words

RA: The Unsung Heroes

My sorority sister Annika sat down with me to discuss her job, being an RA at Towson University. However, being an RA has mean more to her than just free housing and meal plan, it has helped her grow into who she is and who she wants to be. 18 more words

Towson University

5 Shocking Hazing Stories That Ended In Tragedy

In November, two major universities dealt serious blows to their respective Greek organizations. Ohio State University canceled all recruiting activities, and Florida State University indefinitely suspended all fraternities and sororities. 532 more words

Pink Out; Crafts Edition

In honor of my first color post on Off White- Pink Out, I decided to keep the theme this week ! Also as the new PR person of Delta Epsilon Beta, I decided what better way to show off my sorority than with some crafts? 340 more words

College Blogger

Sisterhood is...

While I cover an array of topic on Off White, I recently added one section that is very near and dear to my heart; Sorority Stuff… 440 more words

College Blogger

#AFAAM 2017: Reflections

Dear AFA Colleagues,

I’ve taken some time since the close of the Annual Meeting to think about everything that took place in Atlanta. While this was probably one of the most challenging meetings I’ve attended since I began attending the #AFAAM I’ve learned quite a bit. 1,871 more words