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“The Heat is On”

By: Ellis Distefano, Contributing Writer

Recruitment 2016 has officially begun. This recruitment campaign as with every campaign brings about new challenges, setbacks and hardships. The turbulence among the various chapter meetings consists of dialogue such as “who do we want” and “who are we going to get.” For those outside of the Greek Life realm, recruitment is the official term for joining a Greek Life organization. 451 more words


Just a sorority girl living in a public relations kinda world...

Hey, whats up, hello! Welcome to the world of Katykappa and all that it has to offer!

This blog is about my own personal college experience which basically, when it comes down to the… 247 more words


Are We Being Effective? Strategies to Integrate Assessment Into the Work of Student Affairs Educators

It is rare in higher education that during a meeting, assessment is not mentioned. In the seemingly endless call for more assessment, higher education (and student affairs in particular) is struggling to increase assessment efforts to meet the demand from both internal and external stakeholders. 1,039 more words

Student Affairs

Greek Life Creates Networks and Leadership

Parties and procrastination may be a center-piece for the college life, but to be able to build a future to aspire to in this crucial time also needs to be taken into account. 529 more words

First Stab at Paddle making-Sorority Life

This is the paddle my twin and I made for my big freshman year in my sorority. Twins happen in sororities when their are more new members than girls taking littles. 154 more words


The Form of a City Changes Faster, Alas, Than the Human Heart

Old men like to say, when looking out across a metropolis, “I remember when all this was fields”. But if you heard this from the mouth of an old Athenian, that dying breed, this is undoubtedly true. 306 more words