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The gods perceive what lies in the future, and mortals, what occurs in the present, but wise men apprehend what is imminent. — Philostratus, Life of Apolloniur of Tyans… 28 more words


Οξυγονο (Oxygen)

Ποση αγαπη! Μαλιστα, αγαπη μου, οτι θελεις, οτι πεις, εσυ ξερεις καλυτερα, θα ακολουθησω τα σημαδια σου, τις μικρες σημαιες, τα αστρα στις λαντες, τις φαλαινες στο συμπαν σου, οτι μου δειξεις.


Five Tips for Sight Reading

For some reason, sight reading is often perceived as the most onerous part of upper-level language courses. In fact, many students aren’t exposed to it until graduate school (or never!). 1,333 more words


 Come back. Even as a shadow, even as a dream. — Euripides, Herakles (c. 416 BCE)


"Agamemnon" and "Orestes" in Six Panels

NOTE: Aeschylus was a playwright dude in Greece back in the long ago past. He is dead now. I am sorry to crush your dreams of one day meeting him, but that probably is not going to happen. 134 more words

From Ransome to Keats to Homer

When I was ten, I read Swallows and Amazons and in the course of that, Arthur Ransome introduced me to English poetry. One of the characters, Titty (I still wonder what sort of a name is that for a girl), was much given to recalling random lines of poetry that they had taught her at school. 604 more words



The aim of the poet is to inform or delight, or to combine together, in what he says, both pleasure and applicability to life. In instructing, be brief in what you say in order that your readers may grasp it quickly and retain it faithfully. 31 more words