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Help with sources: Where to find a text (in its original language)?

Today’s question might seem a little silly. Of course if you need a text you can do any of the following:

General Resources

A short scholion on Scylla and Hydra in Armenian

Another short passage from ACC 119, f. 348v (cf. this post) is a scholion on Scylla and Hydra, unrelated to the surrounding texts.

So it reads, 234 more words


Using YA Novels to Build Interest in Classical Themes and Writings

As I’ve said before, I really love integrating Young Adult novels into my classes; either as a group novel or as assigned independent reading. Luckily, YA authors seem to be thinking along similar lines; engaging novels that build on classic stories and themes help give students context before moving into any sort of critical study of a classic piece of writing. 397 more words

Unit Plan

Quick takes: TLG is updated!

The site now features a new search function, and requires all users to register, even when they are logging in via an institution.

I’ll report back when I’ve played with the new functionality. 25 more words

Roman History

Χωρίς προστάτη

Είχε ζήσει και το δράμα ενός γνωστού του γλύπτη, που ζούσε μ’ ένα μοντέλο του – μια όμορφη κοπελιά. Της είχε κάνει και το άγαλμα: <<Η αγία των αγίων>> – μια αγία ολόγυμνη, πού είχε σκανδαλίσει τους θρησκευόμενους. Ώσπου ένα Σαββατοκύριακο του είπε ότι θα πήγαινε στη Θήβα, απ’ όπου καταγόταν, σε μια άρρωστη θεία. Σκοτώθηκε σε τροχαίο μ’ έναν εραστή. Κι όταν ο γλύπτης – που κάτι είχε ψυλλιαστεί – το έμαθε, δεν ήξερε αν έπρεπε να λυπηθεί ή να αγανακτήσει που τον κεράτωνε – άγια γυναίκα.

Δημήτρης Γκιώνης, εκδόσεις Καστανιώτη 2007

σύγχρονη λογοτεχνία

No good deed

I’m sorry for the delay in posting the next Advanced TLG post. I’ve run into a small technical problem:

After I got that error message a few weeks ago, I waited, cleared my cache, and tried again. 91 more words

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To think is not to exit the cave, nor to replace the uncertainty of the shadows with the clear-cut contours of the things themselves, the flickering light of a flame with the light of the true Sun.

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