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Bread, Education, Freedom by Petros Markaris

Bread, Education, Freedom by Petros Markaris (2012). French title: Pain, éducation, liberté. Translated from the Greek by Michel Volkovitch.

J’ai envie de monter les escaliers quatre à quatre. 833 more words

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The Aristotelian Unities

http://media.blubrry.com/thedavebowmanshow/www.slipperyfish.com:8080/podcast99/dave_bowman/2015_7_july/072115_The_Aristotelian_Unities.mp3 After some “housekeeping” about what is going on with Dave, the discussion moves to the idea of who and what makes a “Hero?” We begin with a picture of a Soldier in Vietnam. 106 more words

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Odyssey - Book 4 - The Old Man of the Sea - so much better than a Sat Nav.

Previously on ‘Odyssey’… Book 1 Book 2 Book 3

Telemachus and his pal Mr Pee (Peisitratus), rock up to Menelaus’s house only to discover that wedding celebrations are underway. 822 more words


Odyssey Book 3 - In which more cows are killed and the sheets are probably Egyptian cotton

Previously on ‘Odyssey’… Book 1 Book 2

So Telemachus, Athena (now in disguise as ‘Mentor’) and their crew turn up in Pylos (where they make pylons, obviously), as it’s thought that Nestor, who was at the Trojan war, will have the low-down on what happened to Odysseus. 467 more words


Orphic Poem to Demeter

“Oh, All-Nature, Queen, Mother of all things, untiring Mother, exalted, creating, She who tames all, Unmentionable, shining, the Firstborn who quenches everything, who brings the Light! 50 more words

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Odyssey Book 2 - Her Milkshake Brings All The Boys To The Yard

So where were we….

The morning after Athene’s visit, Telemachus, son of Odysseus, calls a meeting in the town. He enters, carrying a bronze spear, with two dogs at his side and states his grievances: the loss of his father; the constant hounding of his mother Penelope by all her suitors, who it seems aren’t only after her milkshake: 506 more words


Encounter with a Squatting Komast in Athens (aka more on ancient poo)

For a fortnight in April I had the pleasure of a stay at the British School at Athens. As well as digging-in for some serious research time (and eating spinach pies, and tortoise hunting in the garden), I spent an afternoon at the Cycladic Art Museum and their wonderful temporary exhibition,  471 more words

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