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Review: Legend

I’m fascinated by legends and myths from other countries. When I was in grade school I was obsessed with the Greek myths. I even researched them for a school project. 383 more words


Sneak peak into a Soul

For a good, while I have been inspired I have been drawn to people’s eyes, tight head shot/portraits and things that go through their heads at the time of taking a picture. 124 more words

Artemis (Greek mythology and me part 4 of 7)

Shot and styled by: @maverick_image , Model, make-up, and hair: Stella Udeh

“Artemis was the goddess of chastity, virginity, the hunt, the moon, and the… 668 more words


Percy Jackson is a story about a boy whose name is Percy Jackson and he lives as a normal person but one day, he finds out that he is not normal. 208 more words

Nike (+ March wrap up)

This is a post for my March book challenge, #marchmonthofmythology.

Disclaimer: when I talk about Nike, I mean the Greek goddess and not the brand of sports clothing. 431 more words


Profile: Hades (+ book haul)

This is a post for my March book challenge, #marchmonthofmythology.

I’ve mentioned Hades in the myth of Persephone, and in relation to the Olympian gods… 646 more words


Pandora's jar

This is a post for my March book challenge, #marchmonthofmythology.

Today I’m going to dispel a few (for lack of a better word) myths about the myth of Pandora. 719 more words