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My daughter the reader.

I’ve always been an avid reader. I have a small scar on my forehead from where I walked into a tree as a kid while I was deep into a book. 286 more words

Cozy Mysteries

Mining the myths of Greece

People who enjoy my books but don’t usually read fantasy ask me how I get my ideas. One piece of an answer is that I read different versions of the Greek myths, constantly. 235 more words

Greek Myths

The Cybis Classical Impressions Series

Among the various Cybis porcelain ‘genres’ (generalized categories) there is a small group called the Classical Impressions. These were originally all white bisque sculptures, limited editions, and first appeared in the mid-1980s. 726 more words

Beautiful Porcelain


To begin and live again –
The sacrifice to end all
Blood – in the walls,
In the bones,
Seeping across eyelids
That see all – 88 more words

Fantasy or the Fantastic

Do you write short stories in the genre of fantasy or the fantastic? What is the difference?

A few years ago I wanted to write a story about a woman desperate to regain the attention of her husband. 366 more words

The last thing was Hope

Have you ever read or heard the story of Pandora?  It was a story that puzzled me as a kid when I was going through my Greek mythology phase (everyone goes through this phase, right?). 796 more words

Daily Prompt

What I Learned In April

Make-Up Wipes
I am in love with these equate make-up wipes (compare to Neutrogena). They take off eye make-up so nicely and they smell pretty, but not too pretty so I don’t smell like a perfume factory. 182 more words