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The Dark Side Astrology Series: Aries

I know I said I was going to write a beginner’s series on astrology, but after some thought I decided to do something different. Hopefully, you’ll get plenty of astrology knowledge over the course of these posts. 1,125 more words


A18 Tyranny of the closet madmen whose dark shadows glow unperturbed

It wasn’t definable until her breath laboured, he knows, she didn’t. Running he grabbed at the wind pulling, it was too strong. It lasted one minute. 10 more words

Cultural Cruelity

Review: Zachary Mason's 'The Lost Books of the Odyssey'

This is a beautiful, intelligent book. A collection of forty-four short stories that serve as retellings, gap-fillers and variations of Homer’s works, The Lost Books… 523 more words

An Interview with...The Minotaur

I know this is going to sound a bit silly, but I wrote this a while ago and have been too scared to show it to people in case they thought it was terrible. 567 more words

Greek Myths

Greek Mythology/Hera/Mythology Interpretation

Those Insightful Greeks 4

    Greek mythology is very practically oriented.

Instead of glorifying the gods as others have done,

Greek deities were deliberately portrayed imperfect so… 329 more words


No. It's all Greek to me.

The Tragedy of a Greek Mother. By C A Middleton © 2017

My dearest Achilles,
I write to you with most haste.
I fear if you carry on so dangerously… 207 more words


Switchin' To Glide

LIFE, 1972

“Ho-Ho! my valiant page!
Bring hither Pegasus, and let me ride;
Smooth the winged-charger’s ruffled mane,
Tighten the curb, and let the loosen’d rein…

65 more words