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Blog Hijack 2: Something About Greek Statues

Hello guys! It’s Maymuna! I’m back! And doing a series of posts about Greek Gods and what they have to do with all those sculptures in Italy. 947 more words

No. 2099

Picture: orchardspy.com

The Avant-Garden. By CpSingleton © 2016

Stretch yourself in avant-garden.

Allow the purple rays of comfort

To tickle your senses and flood

Your sated mind, my dear. 119 more words


Metamorpheses, by Ovid

Forthwith I overthrew

The house with just revenging fire upon the owner’s head,

Who seeing that, slipped out of doors amazed for fear, and fled… 501 more words


Tuesday Tease: Once Upon a Time Machine vol. 2

The book that brought Locust Moon together is coming back with a sequel! Once Upon a Time Machine began as a grassroots, pie-in-the-the-sky idea for an anthology by a bunch of folks trying to break into the industry (helped out by a few of our favorite artists, including Brandon Graham, Jill Thompson, Khoi Pham, & Todd Klein). 217 more words

Making Comics

The Aegean

The Ship with Black Sails: How the Aegean Got Its Name

After King Aegeus of Athens lost a war to King Minos of Crete, Athens had to send seven young men and seven maidens to Crete every nine years to feed the Minotaur – the half man-half bull monster kept in the labyrinth at Knossos. 47 more words


Katie Reads: Aphrodite the Diva

Speaking of reading books to see what would work well for my classes:

In book 6, after a teeny misunderstanding in class, Aphrodite is failing…

404 more words

Encomium of Perseus

by Drew Kagnoff

I am here today to honor Perseus the son of Zeus and Danaë. He is best know for killing Medusa, a terrifying monster who turned people to stone just by looking at them. 187 more words

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