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S2 - Mythological Times

  1. What happened?
  2. When?
  3. Where?
  4. Who was involved?
  5. Give more detail.
  6. Why did it happen?
  7. What happens next?
Greek Myths

Demeter, Kore/Persephone, and mental illness

Crystal and I facilitated a Circle on the Goddess and mental health at The Hive a month ago or so and I tackled some of the deep stuff with this investigation of one of the greatest myths of all humankind. 2,897 more words


Greek Heroes - Research

  1. How powerful is he/ she?
  2. Of what is your god/goddess the ruler?
  3. What notable things did he/ she do?
  4. What is special about this character?
  5. 70 more words

Review of Trails of Apollo: The Dark Prophecy By Rick Riordan Written by Daniel Stubbings

This book catapults us back into the world of the demigod Percy Jackson. With new twists and turns that will have you laughing out loud, as well as making you hold on tight. 582 more words

Urban Fantasy

Day 1085: House of Names

Colm Toíbín has written some unusual novels, and such is House of Names. It is basically the Oresteia, and we can’t expect happy endings from the Ancient Greeks. 217 more words


Was there really a Trojan horse?

The Trojan war and the Trojan horse are omnipresent in the world of epic. In Aeneid book 2, we witness via a flashback the famous scene where the Trojans take into their city a giant wooden horse in which the Greek soldiers were hidden, and that night the Greeks jump out and ambush their foe; in Odyssey book 4, Menelaus at his court in Sparta tells this story to Odysseus’ son Telemachus; and the whole of the Iliad is framed around the Trojan war, even though the epic stops just short of the horse episode itself. 455 more words