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The Nine Muses [Greek Mythology]

Hello and welcome back everyone for this second video on the In-Depth series we are exploring the origins and roles of the Muses in Greek Mythology. 37 more words

Literally no one is talking about Hermes

On wordpress (and the rest of the web), like no one mentions him.

The last post on wordpress re: him, was in Aug 2017. What. 38 more words

The Titans [Greek Mythology]

Hello everyone, today I’m exploring the origins and myth of the mighty titans in Greek mythology.

Helen of Troy

Helen of Troy should really be called Helen of Sparta since she was born in Sparta and was a Spartan princess. She was also a Mycenaen – part of the culture that swept into Bronze Age Crete. 375 more words

Murder Mysteries

Ovid's Daphne Flash Fiction

It’s strange not blogging, or even scribbling away in my notebook. But with the new years has brought with it, illness. After around a week in bed with what I thought was the flu, I finally went to the Doctors to find out not only did I have the flu but also serve tonsillitis. 1,002 more words


Cupid and Psyche and La Belle et La Bete - Close Reading

Students – the past few days we have been reading and examining the Ancient Greek story of Cupid and Psyche in class. Below you will find some of the notes we took together  -use them to add to your own notes or help you study. 128 more words


Mythos | Stephen Fry | a review

I’m always a bit skeptical when new Greek mythology books are released as they are all too often factual exploratory analyses of the myths, breaking down the meaning or impact rather than actually telling me (or retelling!) the actual stories. 320 more words

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