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Ενημερωτικό Δελτίο 5-11-2015

Όπως ασφαλώς θα γνωρίζετε, ως εμπνευστής και δημιουργός της σειράς χειροποίητων ελληνικών προϊόντων «Mr Juke’s» συνεργάστηκα περί τον Μάιο του 2013 με την κα Γομοστιώτη Μαύρα, παραχωρώντας σε αυτήν, δυνάμει της από 7-1-2014 σύμβασης παραχώρησης τεχνογνωσίας, την αποκλειστική άδεια χρησιμοποίησης και εκμετάλλευσης της τεχνογνωσίας μου, με σκοπό την παραγωγή, χρησιμοποίηση και εμπορία των προϊόντων «Mr Juke’s» στην Ελλάδα ή/και το εξωτερικό. 12 more words


Greek Goodies

With a Greek name that translates as ‘foreigner’ or ‘hospitality’, I feel a special Hellenic connection. One of my favourite places in the world is the spectacular island of Santorini in southern Aegean Sea, a jewel among Greece’s 2,000 islands, where I spent my honeymoon. 418 more words

Sustainable Fashion

Which would you buy?

Here’s a modern day dilemma for you. A family that does not produce its own dairy but likes to support local or Greek owned businesses – if both products were equivalent, would you buy 100% Greek milk own brand from a wholly owned German supermarket, or would you buy milk produced in Holland for a well known Greek brand which is (since 1983) wholly owned by the Dutch.

Greek Produce

Mixing Turquoise

Mixing and testing my favourite colour for final Tree of Life prints with Alt-J for company!

Turquoise radiates the peace and calm of blue and the balance and growth of green with just enough yellow for zest and energy. 35 more words

Milos Crafts Designs

European Business Awards

So HAPPY to be selected for inclusion in the #European #Business #Awards!

After the publication of 40 UNDER 40 entrepreneurs list by Fortune Greek Magazine, we are now happy for another great reason. 73 more words


40 Under 40 list

Agora at #Fortune list, now available *online*

H λίστα του Fortune, 40under40, τώρα και online!