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A Greek Bakery

Athanasiou is a Greek chain of bakeries which recently made its presence Panama.   So far there are eleven Athanasiou bakeries in Panama City.  The business seems to be thriving.  22 more words


"Armeno"-bread…a humble “weapon” against the evil eye.

And while you are absorbed in search of information for the new project you are preparing, all of a sudden you find yourself in front of the only thing that could redeem your childhood. 543 more words


Marmelo...like quince. Fruit in a jar

Marmalades and spoon sweets are a very old fabrication of women in an attempt to preserve the plethora of seasonal fruits for a long time. When we grow up and put all these details together, we give a special value to these tricks of the housewives. 937 more words


Of blood and other demons...

By paraphrasing a book title of one of my favorite representatives of magic realism, Marquez, I would like to address some issues regarding alimentary taboos of the Greek reality, starting with that of blood. 643 more words


To call a fig...

I love summer fruits…their scents, sweetness, colors…they excite me ever since I were a child.

One of my favorites, however “sinful”, has always been the fig…white figs, black, King, figs from Anatolia…as long as it was ripe it was a treat I could never resist to. 486 more words


The Wealth of Greece

I hadn’t understood what exactly I wanted to write about but I decided to begin since…”appetite comes with eating”.

So I grabbed a pencil and a piece of paper and I started thinking about all those moments when, sitting around a table and after a hearty meal, we begin a delightful conversation; a conversation always about the sociopolitical, triggered by the explosions taking place in our mouths. 1,047 more words