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Restaurant Review: Olives Greek Taverna (Pittsford, NY)

I love the idea of eating outdoors, but in Western, NY we don’t get that chance as often as we would like. That’s why I like to take advantage of al fresco dining when possible.  2,025 more words


Opso, Marylebone

In the short space of a couple of years Opso went from humble beginnings in the competitive Marylebone dining market to being featured in Michelin’s UK guide and winning OpenTable’s Diners Choice award. 274 more words


Call Me a Fresko Foodie!

While I frequently play at being an amateur foodie, it’s been quite a while since I’ve written a restaurant review about my culinary adventures. Fortunately, our recent meal at Fresko Restaurant & Grill on South Ridgewood Avenue in South Daytona proved scrumptious enough to bring my taste buds and pen out of hiding. 580 more words


Lemon and Olives Greek Taverna (Baguio City) 

They say that apart from the wonderful weather, people visit Baguio City for its gastronomic offerings.

One of the City’s most recent must-go-to restaurant is Lemon and Olives Greek Taverna located at Outlook Drive, Baguio. 90 more words


A Real Greek Fat Wedding...

Greek food is probably my favourite type of cuisine. It means a lot to me, having grown up in Cyprus, and I try to cook/bake it at home as much as possible. 502 more words

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When in Greek

I’ve passed by Kos Greek Ouzeri in UP Town Center quite a few times, and it’s always piqued my interest, but I always ended up choosing another place to eat for some reason or other. 752 more words


Looks like summer is here...

This is Mezestoran Dvoriste, based in the city centre of Belgrade. This restaurant is a great example of how a restaurant garden should look like. 95 more words