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Screenwriting From the Road (Or The Incoherent Rambling of a Grateful Gypsy)

I’m ten days into my whirlwind gypsy tour of LA, and I’m finally riding the waves of uncertainty better than I was at the beginning. (Just in case you didn’t read… 638 more words


The Greek System Is The Country's Incubator for Shitty Behavior

That tree is so perfect for lynching,” one note read.

You can never trust a n***** as far as you can throw them,” scribbled another.

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Just Shitty

Meet the Frackit

I can confidently say the Frackit is the answer to my outerwear prayers.

Some occasions are not appropriate for my beloved North Face puffer, simply because I cannot fathom daily life without it. 126 more words


Dartmouth Fraternities Should Admit Women

My article calling on Dartmouth fraternities to voluntarily admit women was published in my alma mater’s paper this morning.   I’ve advocated this position privately for some time now, and hope it contributes to the discussion about how to move Dartmouth forward after years of terrible media publicity, part of which, I argue, is the by-product of anachronistic male-controlled social spaces.

The Greek System - Fraternities, Sororities and their Origins.

It’s safe to say that I spend a lot of my free time ruthlessly searching Netflix for a new TV show to watch or to get obsessed with. 395 more words


What It’s Like To Be The Campus Slut

When I came to college, I was, like a lot of my classmates, a virgin. I’d only had my first kiss a few weeks before, and it was a sloppy, awkward, and utterly unsophisticated. 1,092 more words