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How exciting that the trans* and genderqueer communities are still keeping Latin and Greek roots alive, even midst Tumblr neologisms!!




Androgyne, etc., etc. 7 more words

Pandora by Wynn Wheldon


He has his eye on me,
that boy at the window.

I’m perhaps his first nude,
though he’s too young for vice.

His eye is on the ground, 172 more words


Excerpt from a poem “The love that never dies", Leila Samarrai


She rode the Lion’s gate

In a dress with a décolletage
Cut with her sword and enflamed with her pyre
The heads of the five Mycenaean bulls… 51 more words


The 12-Step Program

A Review of Elia, at the Majestic Tower Hotel

I don’t think I know as much about the world as I would want to but I try. 751 more words


Comfort Food!

It has been a while since I have had a Gyro Sandwich.
Yes, a vegan version of Gyro sandwich!
The flavor, sauce and the bread to go with it. 102 more words



Hello everyone! I am so excited to finally be here. It took me a lot of courage to create a blog. I thought I never would but I am here and thrilled to share the things I know and love. 103 more words