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Μαστίχα / Mastiha


Mastic is the Greek counterpart of Arabic or Yemen gum. It’s a translucent resin obtained from the mastic tree and softens to become a gum when chewed. 363 more words

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Three (and a half) tips for relearning Latin 101

Happy almost-fall, everyone! We’re glad to be back from summers away, although it seems that we missed some interesting stories (although I guess it’s not surprising that someone who does not… 438 more words

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Can you really walk a mile in her shoes?

I was beginning my morning routine of aimlessly scrolling through facebook when someone I knew from high school popped up in my newsfeed. It was his birthday, and his profile picture featured him and his fraternity brothers wearing high heels and suits. 776 more words


Urban Legends of the New Testament: 40 Common Misconceptions

Some books are a whole lot easier (and fun) to read and review than others. They’re a pleasure to read and the review just flows from the keyboard. 356 more words

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When we’re able to examine the historical contexts of myths we can see that the myth may not have been a product of wishful thinking, anthropomorphising, or a child’s question. 150 more words

The Mindful Bard

Uranus: the mould-breaker

(excerpted from my book, Sun, Moon and Stars)

The seventh planet dealt a serious blow to old ideas about the universe. From the beginning, Uranus lived up to its association with innovation and technology.

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