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A Crucial Conversational Debate Before The Holidays

In his “Table-Talk”, Plutarch provides a series of conversations on specific topics. Here’s the first. Win over new friends and impress your family by bringing these topics to holiday meals! 298 more words


Greek rebetiko

One of my favorite ones:

Θεέ μου Μεγαλοδύναμε

Θεέ μου μεγαλοδύναμε
που ‘σαι ψηλά εκεί απάνω
ρίξε λιγάκι τουμπεκί, Θεούλη μου
στον αργιλέ μου απάνω 80 more words


Wine: A Family Planning Secret

Plutarch, Table-Talk 3.5 (652 D)

“Men who drink a lot of wine are rather sluggish at intercourse and they ejaculate semen not at all strong or good for fertilization; instead their attempts at sex with women are cursory and incomplete because of the weakness and frigidity of their seed. 60 more words


Me-ri (Linear B)

Daily Etymology

Linear B

 me-ri honey. Classical μέλι, μέλιτος. No logogram. From this stem are derived some occupation names like  me-ri-du-ma-te μελιδούματες as well as the adjective   34 more words


Buddhism 101: Do not do unto others...

If you grew up in the USA, then I’m sure at some point you came across the Confucian ‘inversion’ of the Golden Rule in which we are enjoined to: ‘NOT do unto others as you would NOT want them to do to you’, or something like that, chuckle chuckle, snicker snicker, at those crazy Asians who just can’t get it right, gotta’ twist everything around, maybe one day they’ll get it straight… 902 more words

Of Wigs and Words, sans Sealing Wax, and nor Cabbages nor Kings

I ran across a very useful and interesting phrase in Spanish today — interesting because there are actually various versions of it. It is: “ni calvo ni con dos pelucas,” which literally means “either bald or with two wigs,” although I’ve seen it with varying numbers of wigs, at least up to seven. 652 more words