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Spartan Women Once Said...

This is the second part of the sayings attributed to women in the Gnomologium Vaticanum (568-576)

“Sayings of women and their thoughts”

᾿Αποφθέγματα γυναικῶν, ἤτοι φρονήματα. 239 more words


NsVs vs NmBs z056.i09

What is the vision of a 5 armed person.

Whereas its senses and tenses are adept of its adoptive limbs.

Indulge me my mother Tiamat where my fingers lay. 117 more words


New Book: A History of Mind and Body in Late Antiquity

We live in the age of the handbook. Some of them are pretty useful, as this one promises to be. It’s something of a pity that only ‘Pagan’ and Christian philosophical sources are represented, as the Gnostic and Hermetic corpora present some distinctive ideas regarding the relationship between mind, soul, and body. 33 more words


Summer School in Homer 2018

During July’s heatwave, whilst many were suffering at work in the heat, I had the remarkable good fortune to have previously booked off a week’s leave from work. 860 more words


Against Plato for Homer: The Doctrine of Ideas Is Ridiculous

Heraclitus, Homeric Problems 78

“It is therefore appropriate that Homer’s message is the life of heroes and Plato’s dialogues are the loves of young men. Everything in Homer overflows with noble virtue; Odysseus is prudent; Ajax is brave; Penelope is chaste; Nestor is just in all things; and Telemachus is reverent towards his father while Achilles is most loyal in his friendships. 192 more words


Greek Holiday Reads

Yassou!  We are back from Kefalonia – full of sun, figs, Robola wine, Voskopoula almonds and mythical landscapes.

Here are my Greek holiday reads: 491 more words