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Hesiodic Passages on Autolykos

Fragment 64 .15-19

“….Divine Philonis
Who bore Autolykos and Philammon*, famous for his voice;
She gave birth to the first after she was impregnated by Apollo, 238 more words


New text of Philostorgius' Ecclesiastical History

Writing in the first quarter of the fifth century CE, PhilostorgiusEcclesiastical History (preserved in a medieval epitome and other references) is an important work in many respects: it is the only church history  written by an adherent of the anti-Nicene theologian… 130 more words


The Greek creation myth

The Greek creation myth

In the beginning there was an empty darkness. The only thing in this void was Nyx, a bird with black wings. With the wind she laid a golden egg and for ages she sat upon this egg. 565 more words


Super Healthy Cocoa Spread!

Tahini is an ancient paste made from ground sesame seeds.

It’s nutritious, boosts the immune system and protects the heart! 

And what’s more, in the last few years Greek food companies have come up with a great number of tasty and colourful tahini combos. 36 more words


Why I don't regret disaffiliating from my sorority.

I disaffiliated from my sorority after 3 years and I don’t regret it.

The friends that you once had in high school are probably non-existent when you go off to college or they’re unpacking their own bags at a different college thousands of miles away. 1,048 more words

The Aeneid vs. The Odyssey

From Boswell’s Life of Samuel Johnson:

“No man reads a book of science from pure inclination. The books that we do read with pleasure are light compositions, which contain a quick succession of events. 194 more words


Day 107: The Man and the Oldest Penis Joke in the World; 'Ancient'

This is no joke. The world’s oldest joke, written on an ancient Sumerian tablet in cuneiform, was as relevant 1900 years before the birth of Christ as it is today. 1,065 more words