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Phi is for Friday: Two Proverbs Beginning with Φ

From the Suda:

“You control a lentil’s corner”: A proverb used for weak people. There is also this proverb: “you are chopping a lentil”—something said of things that are endless and imaginary.” 79 more words


Fragmentary Friday: Nemesis, Helen's Other Mother

Pausanias, 1.33.7

“The Greeks claim that Nemesis was Helen’s mother and that Leda nursed her and raised her.”

Ἑλένῃ Νέμεσιν μητέρα εἶναι λέγουσιν Ἕλληνες, Λήδαν δὲ μαστὸν ἐπισχεῖν αὐτῇ καὶ θρέψαι 575 more words


The demos of Roccagloriosa

Today’s inscription is a fantastic example of linguists getting a huge amount of information about ancient societies out of very short texts. How short? Well, about two letters actually. 694 more words


A couple of Greek language resources

Interested in learning modern Greek?  At times, it can be challenging to find resources for languages that do not have millions and millions of native speakers.  202 more words

Language Learning

Fassolatha- Greek Bean Soup

Everyone in my house really likes Fassolatha. It is one of the soups we have in regular rotation. Since it uses dry beans, simple ingredients and no meat it is very economical and accessible to make. 218 more words


Giving Back

Greek life sometimes has a lot of misconceptions.  Between media sensationalizing, images of binge drinking and partying, and allegations of hazing, there are many people who forget what Greek life is really about. 506 more words