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The Food Journal

I was recently asked to contribute to a food journal by BrightHouse, so I sent in a few suggestions and they chose my Greek style lamb, which for the those of you who’ve tried it will agree, is a good choice! 110 more words

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Things I Wished I Had Known Going Into Sorority Recruitment at OKState

It’s that time of year again. Formal recruitment is upon us. As I’ve been preparing for being on the other side of recruitment for the first time ever, I began reflecting on my experiences going through rush last year. 887 more words


The Nine Muses

Greek Muses In ancient Greece. The 9 Muses were considered sources of knowledge and providers of inspiration to creators of literature and art. Calliope (Epic Poetry), Clio (History), Erato (Love Poetry), Euterpe (Music), Melpomene (Tragedy), Polyhymnia (Hymns and sacred poetry), Terpsichore (Dance), Thalia (Comedy), and Urania (Astronomy).


Week Twenty-Eight: Greek Lamb from "Out of New Nova Scotia Kitchens"

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m catching up on recipes after missing a couple weeks. This month’s book is Out of New Nova Scotia Kitchens… 282 more words


Laganas is insane

I’m not sure where to start but this place is a shocking surprise. Coming from the mainland of Greece this city on the island of Zakinthos is quite a culture shock. 519 more words


Truth-Serum in Ancient India

More crazy stuff from Ctesias on India:

Photius, Bibliotheca: Codex 72 50a4

“Ctesias records these details and tells these stories and claims that he is writing the truest accounts, insisting that he saw some of the things himself and learned some of the them from others who witnessed them. 173 more words



A puzzling question; a riddle. Latin “griphus” < Greek “grifos”=a fishing basket, dark saying, or riddle.