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Greek Landscapes

The feeling of painting landscapes outside on the spot is ineffable. The sun, wind, beauty combined with intense visual perception and a rush to start and finish the painting quickly gives an amazing rush to the spirit. 53 more words

Oil Painting

Hesiod on Justice and the Corruption of Power (Works and Days, 256-273)

“Justice is a maiden who was born from Zeus.
The gods who live on Olympus honor her
and whenever someone wrongs her by bearing false witness… 206 more words



Bi-valved shellfish eaten raw or cooked. Old French “oistre” < Greek “ostreon” < Proto-Indo-European *”ost-“=bone.


Filoto: a Greek specialty right out of the fireplace! (pictures)

Greece is famous for its food, right? Right. Fruits, veggies, homemade food. Greece also has a long history with many people having migrated from Asia Minor and other places. 374 more words


Connect To Your Gods

The older activation service is mostly expired. The connections I used to offer are rarely allowed to folks these days. I now offer what I am told to offer, which is a reconnection to the gods you worked with throughout your incarnations. 119 more words

The Foundation: Faith Toward God

Here on my blog, we’re going through a study of foundational principles. The writer of Hebrews tells us our goal is to become mature Christians who can handle strong spiritual “meat,” but first, we need to have a foundation in place that’s firmly grounded on Jesus Christ. 746 more words


A Serious Saturday: Epictetus on the Beginning of Philosophy

From Dissertationes ab Arriano Digestae, 2.11

What is the Beginning of Philosophy

The beginning of philosophy for those who approach it in the right way—by the front gate—is the acknowledgement of mankind’s weakness and inability to affect the most important things. 220 more words