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A device designed to give support to a weak structure. Old French “bracier”=to embrace < Latin “brachium”=arm < Greek “brakhion”=arm


Korinthian Women and the Plot Against Medea

Two passages from the Scholia to Euripides’ Medea explain why Euripides told the story he did and what the ‘real’ facts were behind it.

Schol. B ad. 296 more words



This classic Greek dish is ideal any time of the year. Moussaka is layers and layers of flavors with every level having its own unique essence. 396 more words

Greek lamb filo pie with feta and oregano

When i was last in Greece, me and my clan were out for dinner when the kitchen in the restaurant we were at ran out of the dishes we had asked for. 503 more words

Chiorri Costantinos: The 19 year old Greek photographer of Mariano Di Vaio

When you think of the word lucky, you probably think of things like winning the lottery but, in life, it’s the little things that count more often than not. 1,118 more words


Dioscorides' Advice for Expectant Couples

Dioscorides (Greek Anthology 5.54)

“Never go to bed at night with your pregnant wife and lie face-to-face, delighting in child-bearing Aphrodite. There will be a large swell between you, and it will be no small labor as you are rocked and she is rowed. 17 more words