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Wednesday's Wondrous Water, 2

The second part of translations from the Paradoxographus Florentinus: Mirabilia de aquis

12 “Among the Kleitorians says there is a spring and whenever anyone drinks its water, he cannot bear the smell of wine.” 569 more words


Greek gods on social media...

Once again, the planned activity for last week’s history lesson was as dry as the Sahara. So, I had a little think, and decided to blast the Olympian gods into the 21st century. 108 more words

My Lessons

[152] The Purpose of Everything and Nothing

An original thought is an accident
and an invention is inspired
After all, we live in another man’s idea of a mind
The creation by you is laborious… 142 more words


What I Wish I Knew: Sorority Recruitment

Thinking back to my time when I went through formal recruitment the sounds of door songs, heels clicking on the ground, and Rho Gammas yelling walking group numbers come to mind. 945 more words


Clues To Life

Sometimes, or even often (?) there seems to be clues to a Bible verse in the Greek. Besides the general description of the meaning and uses of the word, and as we know, those uses are usually kind of wide. 149 more words


The Republic

SCORE: 4/5

Author: Plato

Dates read: ~2009

Version: Paperback, originally published -380 BC

Categories: philosophy, classic, western canon

The Republic fits large questions into a small book – it concerns itself with justice, reality, knowledge, the soul, forms of governing, and the purpose of philosophers in society. 123 more words