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ACHERON – I painted the master of the river of pain in Greek mythology

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The Modern Philosopher

Prefers Italian cuisine

To Greek.

Admires high fashion

Especially pieces

Draped like tunics

Senses danger

In the future

But keeps quiet;

This is nothing new. 62 more words


The Advantages of a Well-Spoken Liar

Antiphon, On the Murder of Herodes, 1

“I would wish, men of the jury, that I might possess a power of speech and experience of events equal both to my misfortune and the events that occurred. 373 more words


Demeter’s MDT - Day 20: What trait of Demeter do I find troublesome?

Χαίρετε ἀναγνώστες!

Today is the opposite of yesterday, namely, a trait of Demeter I find troublesome rather than admirable. 175 more words


Silicon Valley is suffering from an Icarus complex

Daedalus, one of the great innovators of Greek Antiquity, is most famous for creating the labyrinth that contained the Taurus of Minos, the Minotaur. But after betraying King Minos, he was himself imprisoned within its walls. 717 more words