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Earth, Mother of Gods and Men

Pindar, Nemean 6. 1-2

“The race of gods and the race of men are separate; but we both breathe thanks to one mother.”

῝Εν ἀνδρῶν, ἓν θεῶν γένος· ἐκ μιᾶς δὲ πνέομεν 241 more words


A Reminder: One Way A President is Like Alcibiades

What does President Trump have in common with a ‘great’ figure from Greek history? They both punched their teachers.

Seriously, according to The Art of the Deal… 480 more words



Let sleep take me to the water, to the waves
Charon, my sweet,
Let me drift, drift through the dew with you.

Let me breathe - ebb, flow, ebb, flow. 45 more words

Stephen Fry's 'Mythos': A Retelling of the Tales of Greek Antiquity

In February I wrote a review of Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology. As a response somebody recommended reading Stephen Fry’s Mythos. The books are similar in concept. 405 more words


The Savior's Champion Saturday!

As promised, today is the first day of my celebration of Jenna Moreci’s new book, The Savior’s Champion!

Now, maybe this is the first time you’ve heard of Jenna and The Savior’s Champion, and you’re thinking, “Who is Jenna, anyway?” 820 more words


Drinking Games, Ugly Wives, and Funny Monkeys: The Observational Wit of Anacharsis the Skythian

I posted the sayings of Anacharsis the Scythian last year

Athenaeus, Deipnosophists 10.50

“Anacharsis the Skythian, when a they had a drinking contest at Periander’s house, asked for the first prize because he was the first of the drinkers to get drunk, believing that the  goal of a drinking contest was the same as running: being first.” 210 more words