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What the world’s oldest calculator tells us about the Ancient Greeks' view of the Universe

By Ancient Origins

When we talk of the history of computers, most of us will refer to the evolution of the modern digital desktop PC, charting the decades-long developments by the likes of Apple and Microsoft. 786 more words


Οι Λευκοί Θεοί των Ινδιάνων Αμερικής ήταν Έλληνες!

Σε μία πανάρχαια εποχή φαίνεται πως έγινε ο εποικισμός της Αμερικανικής ηπείρου από ομάδες Τατάρων και Μογγόλων κυνηγών από την Σιβηρία

Η λογική λέει πως οι ομάδες αυτές που κατέκλυσαν την Αμερικανική ήπειρο πέρασαν από τα στενά της χερσονήσου Καμτσιάκας τα οποία στην απώτατη εκείνη εποχή ήταν μία συνέχεια ξηράς που ένωνε την Αλάσκα με το πιο μακρινό βόρειο σημείο της Ασίας.


What's your favourite era in interior design?

A lot of interior design today still incorporates styles and themes from thousands of years ago. It’s time for me to take you through the ages with a little history lesson. 408 more words


A Handful of Days

We are in the fray of a internet Renaissance which should alter the way we educate. My kids get a little dozy when I “teach” them but when YouTube teachers talk, they listen. 98 more words


Put Some Windex

Got an ailment, need to do a household repair? Put some Windex. My Dad and I have been prescribing this remedy since the day we saw the movie… 373 more words


Happy 2400th Birthday to Stari Grad!

Stari Grad 2400 Celebrations and Days of the Bay Festival

This year marks the 2,400th anniversary of the founding of Faros by Greek settlers. It’s Stari Grad’s official entry into recorded history, although there was actually an Illyrian settlement in place already. 496 more words