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The garlic wars of migrants and Islam!

It used to be the Italians and Greeks that were blamed for woes and wiles by ‘true Aussies’. The smell of garlic was enough for angry outbursts to the ‘dagoes’ of the fifties and sixties. 134 more words

Gerard Oosterman

Flying Ram

When the door is closed,

What better to batter with

Than a smoked turkey?



I was watching this Tedx video the other day about stereotypes in Greece and in the UK. All of the comments are just so to the point, I just had to share it.

Χωρίς κατηγορία

Athens: March Marking Anniversary of Bloody Student Uprising Turns Ugly

Greek student protest, November 17, 2015. Photo by Yorgos Karahalis, AP

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Several hundred youths have hurled rocks, bottles and petrol bombs at riot police in central Athens following an annual march to mark the anniversary of a bloody student uprising. 115 more words

Xerxes, Thermopylae, and Salamis: Books VII - IX

In Book VII, Herodotus details the anger of Darius who was unable to seek vengeance on Athens and also Egypt that was revolting against the Persians. 1,017 more words



A)Γραικοὶ καὶ Ἕλληνες (Ὅμηρος, Ἀριστοτέλης)

Γράφει ἡ Λαμπρινὴ Θωμᾶ:

«Sigoyra Makednos shmainei oreinos (Highlander;-) ) symfwna me ton Hammond, ki h pio endiaferoysa 0ewria poy exw akoysei (ap ton P.Xrhstoy) gia thn proeleysh ths le3ews Ellhn, einai Sell-oi ek ths rizas sal- , e3 oy kai sal-os dhl. 252 more words



loyalty to one’s nation as one’s primary loyalty

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