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Persuading Achilles: Books IX, XVI, and XXIV Considered

In Book IX of the Iliad, the Achaeans have been stricken with Panic (“panicos” meaning pertaining to Pan, the god of shepherds and wild animals). In the absence of Achilles on the battlefield, Hector has beaten back the Achaeans nearly to their ships. 1,997 more words

έλα my brother

Turcophobia, so Anti-Turkism has been favorite again in nowadays. At 24 April 2015, Armenians across the world have created a chain of hatred with others who supported them. 1,408 more words



Yes, the first myth God that I am doing is the Greek God, Zeus. I thought that I would start it off with a God that many people knew, actually, the Greeks, the main ones, are taught at school. 195 more words


On becoming a Jew to the Jews and a Greek to the Greeks

Dear ladies, and dear gentlemen as well, dear mankind. The end of the evil called feminism is nigh. It is with great pleasure that I announce that we all made a big mistake. 819 more words


How to find Hell on Earth

Dear Reader,

I’m going to tell you how to find Hell on Earth, so please go and locate yourself in Italy in a town called Cumae, close to Naples. 923 more words


Book Panel at Antioch College TODAY

As part of the GLCA Ancient Philosophy Collaborative Initiative, I and my collaborators Lewis Trelawny-Cassity and Kevin Miles will be discussing my book Aristotle and the Nature of Community… 3,477 more words