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Sandwiched "Greek Salad" between your toasts!

There’s always this moment in all of our lives when we just don’t know what to put between our toast slices. We are bored of eating the same sandwiches all the time. 156 more words


Healthful Greek Salad (Quinoa Style!)

Going into the summertime can be stressful when creating and sustaining a healthful lifestyle. There is party after party. It all ramps up around Mother’s Day in May and doesn’t stop until Labor Day in September. 218 more words


Throwback Thursday: Mediterranean Food!

The one thing that I love about being a foodie is that my friends love food just as much as I do. Taziki’s is one of my favorite Mediterranean food stops, but I was excited when a friend invited me out to lunch at… 124 more words


This is part of my healthy & quick lunch meal series.

Few weeks ago, my co-blogger/friend /chef of sorts came up with this incredible idea to make a nutritious lunch meal thats easy and quick. 329 more words


The Greek Salad Crisis

To have a successful dinner party every dish must be delicious. You cant expect your guest to go off and talk about how great the Turkey Schnitzel was when the Greek Salad was slightly off. 978 more words


Best Greek Salad Dressing!

One of my favorite salads is a Greek salad! I love the olives and feta cheese so much! I had bought all the ingredients for the salad and stopped at Mamouns Falafel on the way home to grab some falafel and grape leaves. 147 more words


"Πίτσα" χωριάτικη, χωρίς γλουτένη, στο τηγάνι. Greek salad "pizza", gluten free.

Αν δεν το έχεις καταλάβει ως τώρα, με αυτήν εδώ την ανάρτηση θα το καταλάβεις στα σίγουρα. Η γεύση της χωριάτικης, με τη ζουμερή κατακόκκινη ντοματούλα, τις νόστιμες ελίτσες, τη φετούλα, τη μοσχομυρωδάτη ρίγανη και φυσικά το ψιλοκομμένο κρεμμύδι, κρατά την πρώτη θέση στις αγαπημένες μου σαλάτες.