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What to do in the summer

When the cold weather has been on for almost 6 months, what you dream of is waking up one day and that when you go out it is not necessary to wear a jacket anymore, well at least me that I just like the snow but hate the cold, coming from a tropical country I miss having normal temperatures around 22 degrees Celsius  all year long. 745 more words


Toronto: the city that never gets boring

by Christine Wagner

by Jesse Milns

Veld Music Festival flickr

This blog is about Toronto seen through the eyes of a foreigner. I arrived in this city when the winter was at its peak, being alone in a different country and coming from a tropical weather, I saw Toronto as a city that I had to come and live in, wasn’t expecting anything from it and didn’t know much about it.There is always something to do in every season and for every mood or preference. 786 more words


Greektown adds cameras for safety in new Green Light Corridor

DETROIT — If you visit Greektown, smile — you’re on camera.

This week Greektown — a popular destination for tourists, including from across the river in Windsor — became… 564 more words

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What you are getting when you buy locally crafted items?

Handcrafted items have been around since the beginning of humanity. Used to aid Pharaohs into the afterlife. As talismans hung around the neck or carried in a pocket for protection. 532 more words

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Burglar Damages 3 Vehicles Within Minutes In Greektown Parking Garage

CHICAGO (CBS) — A burglar damaged three vehicles within minutes of each other last week in a Near West Side Greektown neighborhood parking garage.

The person broke in about 7:30 p.m. 97 more words


Man Charged With Shooting During Fight In Greektown Restaurant

CHICAGO (CBS) — A man has been charged with shooting three people, including himself, during a fight early Saturday inside a Greektown restaurant.

Deshaun Carter, 26, faces two counts of aggravated battery with the discharge of a firearm and one count of unlawful use of a weapon, both felonies, according to Chicago Police. 144 more words