Ebola Spreading & Media Silent

Commentary On Ebola Along with Mass Awakening by Mitch Santell

Ebola is like a fire. It keeps burning.

TO UNDERSTAND why the Ebola virus disease is spreading in Congo, think of a fire.

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The children's crusade

I endured Q&A only because Alan Jones was on, but they left him almost entirely out of it until the last moment when they turned to climate change. 407 more words

Politics - Australian

Leeds Labour Manifesto 2019. 5 - Making Leeds green

The largest council in the UK to declare a Climate Emergency, Leeds Labour has ruled out fracking, introduced a clean air zone with charges to encourage businesses to move to less polluting vehicles, is installing new charge points for electric vehicles – and has the largest fleet of council-owned electric vehicles in the UK. 664 more words

Leeds Labour Council

AOC's Green New Deal Is Absolutely Absurd, but That's the Washington Status Quo | Mises Institute

This week Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez released a preliminary summary of her grand vision for a Green New Deal. Prior to its unveiling, the youngest rising star of the Democratic Party had already managed to get the support of leading members of Congress, including all of the party’s current leading Presidential candidates. 18 more words


The Green Socialist agenda

What is most useful in the greater scheme of things is that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is more proof than anyone could wish to have how mad they are, but also that they have an agenda. 219 more words

Politics On The Left

AGENDA 2030 and Sustainable Development

The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn and The Presidential Death Cycle, Agenda 21 and The Paris Accord.

Includes discussion on – AI, Universal Income, Communism, the UN, Gorbachev, The Green Agenda, dissolution of property rights, Global Cities initiative, the new silk route, crushing of populism and globalism.