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Pomegranate Juice Shot!

My first try at juicing pomegranate:

It turned out pretty sweet if I do say so myself.  :)  The green on top is kale.  The pretty red on the bottom is the pomegranate.  12 more words

Fresh From The Juicer

I Never Juiced a Pomegranate Before...

This is going into my juice today:

Kale, green apple, ginger and a pomegranate.  I’ve never juiced a pomegranate before.  From what I’ve been reading they can be a bit of a pita (pain in the…) to juice.  42 more words

Food Porn

There's Hot Sauce In My Juice!!

You heard right.  I added a drop or two or four of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce to my juice….mmmm mmmm good!

Red chard, carrots, green apples, celery, ginger, lemon and hot sauce…woohoo!  14 more words

Fresh From The Juicer

Prickly Pear Ginger Ale!

So simple!  So refreshing!

Juice 1 prickly pear (peeled), 2 green apples (washed/cored), 1 celery stalk and ginger to taste.  Pour over ice and enjoy.

Fresh From The Juicer

Carrot Beet Juice

Beets were one of those veggies that I actually didn’t start eating until a few years ago. We never had them as kids. I am not sure why because they are so easy to make and so yummy to eat. 177 more words

Juice Recipes

Purple Passion Juice Shot!

Woowee!  If this doesn’t add some pep to your step, I don’t know what will…LOL

If you aren’t used to juice or juice shots that are earthy, tangy, spicy and has a kick to it, use less purple cabbage or add a squeeze of lemon.  60 more words


Purple Cabbage

This is going into my juicer today:

Purple Cabbage (It’s called red cabbage, but I see purple, so purple it is…Lol), spinach, green apple and ginger.  6 more words