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Elle & Vire Fat Free Green Apple Yogurt Dessert

Also at Sultan Center (Salmiya branch) I came across this green apple flavored yogurt by Elle & Vire and obviously had to pick it up because I’m pretty much obsessed with… 146 more words


Green smoothie

I am still ” playing” with my new toy. Today’s dinner was ( well at least for the girls in the family  :) ) green smoothie with apple, banana, frozen mango and spinach. 36 more words


Cold Pressed Granny Smith Apple Juice

I was browsing the frozen drinks section at Sultan Center (Soug Sharq) looking for my favorite flavored dairy drink (so hard to find at the local co-ops) when I found these. 492 more words


Candy Haul

One minute I was at Sultan Center, and the next, I was home, with all this candy…

I don’t even like jelly beans… at all, and yet somehow, I ended up with three packs of… 1,002 more words


ChapStick Green Apple

Normally, I prefer my lipbalms to be scented, flavored, and have nice packaging. I’ve never really been into ChapStick because the only one readily available in Kuwait was the boring old regular one ( 788 more words


The Apple (Granny's Dark Side)


Was it given by Eve

Did it make us all die

Is it now baked in Hell’s ovens

Do the Demons enjoy a tart pie… 95 more words


Ikea SINNLIG Green Apple Candle

I’ve always loved candles, for as far back as I can remember (as mentioned here). I believe they lend a certain ambiance to a room, lit or unlit, scented or unscented. 841 more words