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Inspiration from my Granddad

On July 21, 2015 at 10:10 in the evening my Grandfather passed away peacefully. His name was Ron, and he was a great man. The best Grandfather anyone could hope for. 354 more words

Tiny Home: Arborion

We've made enough plastic trash to bury Manhattan under 2-miles of the stuff

Whether one is getting an iced latte to-go in the morning, received their restaurant leftovers in a plastic takeaway container, or forgot to take their reusable bags to the store, there are numerous ways one can obtain disposable plastic — and that is a problem. 39 more words


Frederike Top's geometric LED lamps cast colorful rays of ever-changing light

Related: Stickbulb’s new Boom LED lamp is made of reclaimed wood from NYC water tanks

Via Organisaion in Design


US DOI scientist claims he was reassigned for speaking up on climate change

Is the Donald Trump administration reassigning employees who speak out on the dangers of climate change? Joel Clement, former Office of Policy Analysis director at the Department of the Interior, seems to think so. 52 more words


This boy accidentally found a 1.2 million-year-old fossil by tripping over it

Sometimes, there are benefits to being clumsy. A 9-year-old named Jude Sparks recently found this out. While hiking the Orange Mountains in New Mexico with his family, Sparks tripped over an object which at first, he thought was “just a big fat rotten cow.” Instead, it turned out to be a Stegomastodon fossil from 1.2 million years ago. 24 more words


Vertical farming startup raises $200M from Alphabet, Jeff Bezos

Indoor vertical farming is on the rise, if a recent funding round for San Francisco startup Plenty is any indication. The company just scored what they say is the largest agriculture technology investment in history at $200 million. 38 more words


Scientists discover the Amazon forest sets off its own rainy season

For years, scientists have been stumped over why the rainy season in the southern Amazon rainforest begins when it does, two to three months earlier than they’d expect. 54 more words