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Green Card - Passionate

“He’s passionate. He eats life.”

Green Card, English Movie.

For green card, qualified Indians may have to wait 151 years: Report

Indians with advanced degrees may have to wait for over 150 years for a green card which authorises them to live and work in the US permanently, according to projections by a think-tank. 592 more words

Four Years, Four Months, Sixteen Days

4 years, 4 months and 16 days…that’s how long it took from start to finish to get Dan to taking the oath of US Citizenship. Because so many others have been through this process in so many different ways, the timeline varies depending on how you came into the country, what country you’re coming in from, and so much more. 1,522 more words


Get the life you deserve in The United States

  1. Thriving Economy.
  2. Exceptional Education Standard.
  3. World Class Healthcare.

Benefits of Green Card Lottery Experts’ Services



  • 24/7 access to your application for changes and updates.
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Referee shows first ever Green Card during World Football Cup game

The first ever green card has been issued by a referee during a World Cup game that took place in London. The first ever green card in football history has been shown by a referee during the Conifa World Football Cup in London. 250 more words


So Long Marianne

I’m a simple soul.  I prefer to have a positive spin for most things and I tend not to be deterred or detained by obstacles.  There is generally a way over or round them and it just takes a little old-fashioned patience and a dollop of bluddy mindedness to get to the other side. 1,037 more words


Oh, hell yes.

The world of trashy, reality television is endless, and 90 Day Fiance is no exception. The difference between 9DF and other reality shows is that there is no sympathy to be distributed to either party because the show is nothing less than the visual embodiment of “you made your bed, you lie in it”. 460 more words