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ESL teacher pleads guilty to stealing $42K from students with promise of green cards

NEW YORK — A Manhattan teacher has pleaded guilty to stealing thousands of dollars from her students with the false promise of getting them green cards. 214 more words


What you need to know about Asylum

The first thing you may be wondering is, what is the difference between a refugee and a person seeking asylum? A refugee is a person who is located OUTSIDE of the United Status and is afraid to return to their native country and seeking refuge in the U.S. 319 more words

Bye Bye, Green Card

Today is really bittersweet.  My husband is giving up his ‘Legal Permanent Resident’ status in the US and returning his Green Card – the little card that gives him permission to live and work in the US for 10 years.   1,697 more words

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我在几年前年自己申请了Eb1A绿卡。当时刚刚PhD毕业一年,还处在OPT当中。如果按网上的“标准”,我的case算是非常“弱”的。生物方向。只有6篇文章,没有很高杂志的。一篇一作,一篇并列一作还是排名第二。引用刚够100。没有审稿。Claim了contribution, publication和media report。虽然这个背景被认为希望不大,但是当初由于种种原因,急需绿卡。我仔细分析了移民局的对于Eb1a的要求,认为好好组织一下材料,是可以满足这些要求的。

我的申请用了premium processing (PP),得到了一个RFE。加了一封推荐信,把原来材料重组了一下,就通过了。下面是我的一些经验。

首先,petition letter 最前面要有一个summary。把你的论点用肯定的、有力的语气列举出来。比如1.   My work has been published in top scientific journals with very high impacts. 2.   The citation rate of my work is higher than the top research institute in my field. 48 more words


U.S. citizen can petition for spouse’s green card after separation, but must prove that marriage was real

Q. I have been married to a U.S. citizen for eight years, but we are now separated. Can I still get my green card if my spouse petitions for me? 132 more words


The Un Likely Made Possible, Denmark It Is !

I had been planning for it since years, and was inclining towards hopelessness after trying for the green card process several times. Make Visas happened to be my last hope, I was keen of abandoning the idea completely if they could not process it but luckily they did. 15 more words

Make Visas Reviews

UNITED STATES – New USCIS Rule Amending Several Employment-Based and Non-Immigrant Visa Programs

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has recently announced amendments to certain regulations to improve US employers’ ability to recruit and retain high-skilled personnel. 49 more words

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