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DEQ Sets Sustainable Manufacturing, Green Chemistry Conferences

LANSING — The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality is holding two seminars this fall for manufacturers interested in gaining a competitive edge through efficiencies and sustainability. 315 more words


A Green Iodine Clock Reaction

By Judy Tsao, Member-at-Large for the GCI

The iodine clock is a popular chemistry demonstration among high school teachers and science demonstrators. In this activity, two clear and colourless solutions are mixed together, which leads to no initial observable change. 504 more words

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The edible honey mushroom sprouts from trees and woody shrubs. It both nourishes its host and aids in composition. Photo © Paul Stamets

By Jenny Wierschem…

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12 Principles of Green Chemistry and Green Solvents

In 1998, in a book entitled Green Chemistry: Theory and Practice, Paul Anastas and John Warner put forth 12 principles of green chemistry. Currently, the American Chemical Society(ACS) includes them on their… 886 more words

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Green Chemistry Applied In Industry: Our 2015 Symposium

By Karl Demmans, 2015 Symposium Coordinator for the GCI

Following the success over the past couple years with our workshops entitled “Future Leaders in Green Chemistry” and “Next Steps in Green Chemistry Research”, we felt that the next logical step after teaching chemists how to apply green chemistry in their own research would be to have a symposium highlighting how these techniques are implemented by the chemical industry in the working world. 426 more words

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A Market for Green Chemistry

The market for safe and environmentally friendly chemicals will grow at a rate 24 times faster than the market for traditional chemicals between 2011 and 2020. 69 more words


How flow chemistry can make processes greener…………Supercritical fluids

Safe, small scale access to supercritical fluids

The ability to safely access high temperatures and pressures in flow reactors has implications not only on the rate of chemical reactions, but also on the types of solvents one can use. 979 more words