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Beyond Environmental Compliance: Help for Ohio Businesses and Communities

Ohio EPA announced it is hosting their first-ever Sustainability Conference, which will take place on October 3, 2017, in Columbus, Ohio. A large part of the conference is targeted to businesses and communities that are moving beyond basic environmental requirements into cost-effective sustainable strategies to improve environmental performance and save valuable resources. 136 more words

ACS Summer School on Green Chemistry and Sustainable Energy 2017

By Samantha Smith, Yuchan Dong, and Shira Joudan

Yuchan Dong, who previously studied in China, had begun to miss life with roommates while in Canada. She reminisced about how you could talk about your lives late into the night, and spend meals chatting with friends in the cafeteria. 674 more words

Green Chemistry

Green Chemistry Principle #9: Catalysis

By Alex Waked, Member-At-Large for the GCI

9. Catalytic reagents (as selective as possible) are superior to stoichiometric reagents.

In Video #9, Lilin and Jamy discuss the advantages of catalytic reagents over stoichiometric reagents. 474 more words

Green Chemistry

A New Green Chemistry Metric: The Green Aspiration Level™

By Samantha A. M. Smith, Member-at-Large for the GCI

Green Chemistry Principle number two, Atom Economy, focuses on metrics used to compare the efficiency of a reaction.1 However, Atom Economy doesn’t take into account solvents, reagents such as catalysts, drying agents, energy, or recyclability of any of the materials. 640 more words

Green Chemistry

Green Synthesis of Veratraldehyde Using Potassium Promoted Lanthanum–Magnesium Mixed Oxide Catalyst


Veratraldehyde is an important chemical used in perfumery, agrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries. Current processes of manufacture of veratraldehyde use homogeneous catalysts, which make them highly polluting, creating problems of disposal of effluents and product purity. 573 more words

VCE Chemistry: Scientific investigation poster

Subject Area: VCE Chemistry
Author: Zoe Skeggs, Josephine Lim, Claudia Massey, Leo So


Poster based on communicating findings of a scientific investigation. This is a task based on the 2016-2021 VCE Chemistry Study Design (VCAA, 2015, p. 420 more words

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