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Greening PharmSci

By: Berkeley W. Cue Jr. and Julie B. Manley

The mission of the R&D-based pharmaceutical industry is to discover and develop new medicines that will enable patients to live longer, healthier, and more productive lives. 550 more words

AAPS Newsmagazine

What is artificial photosynthesis and what are the implications of researching and developing this technology?

Question: Green chemistry is an area of biochemistry I particularly enjoy due to the interdependence of engineering, chemistry, and biology and how they can be employed to solve real world problems of sustainability. 292 more words

Student Article

No agreement between Eni and SK Capital on the sale of a majority share in Versalis

Eni, the Italian oil giant, announces that the negotiations with the U.S. investment fund SK Capital over the sale of a majority share in Versalis S.p.A. 224 more words


Electro-Organic Synthesis: A Branch of Green Chemistry

What is Electro-Organic Synthesis?
In electro-organic synthesis, the electrodes act as “courier” of electrons. The anode which is electron deficient abstracts electron from a substrate, i.e., oxidises it and this is called Anodic oxidation, whereas the cathode which has excess of electrons can transfer an electron to the substrate i.e., reduces it and is called Cathodic reduction. 206 more words

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Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy – An Eco-Friendly Process for Pectin and Essential Oil Extraction From Lemon Peels

By Alex Waked, Member-at-Large for the GCI

Industrial scale chemistry is not typically given much thought by most chemists in academia. But if the end goal is to produce our products for eventual commercial use, then why not design our syntheses and processes at the beginning to ensure that the scaling up will be smooth? 548 more words

Green Chemistry

Should we abolish the nail polish?

Nail paints have been in fashion for a long long time now. I don’t see them going out of fashion ever, but wait. Are there any chemicals lurking behind the beauty? 747 more words

Environmental Science & Technology

Green Innovations – The Sky’s the Limit

By Annabelle Wong, 2016 Symposium Coordinator for the GCI

It’s an exciting time of year again when the GCI hosts their annual Green Chemistry Symposium! I remember starting as a graduate student here at the University of Toronto just a year ago and had the wonderful opportunity of attending the 2015 symposium as a first-timer. 549 more words

Green Chemistry