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Preparation and properties of Triazine based Streptocyanines

A new series of bistriazine-based streptocyanines has been selectively prepared. 1D- and 2D-DNMR spectroscopy and computational calculations have shown the presence of a Cl … H bond. 36 more words

Green Chemistry

A Healthy Scientist Makes Greener Science

By Kiril Fedorov, Member-at-Large for the GCI

Do you remember the time you had spilled your reaction vessel on the floor, over distilled the solution, broke glassware, or had another accident in the laboratory?   880 more words

Green Chemistry

Can any oils be produced by fungus?

Many fungi make oils. Fungal oils recently became the focus of intense research in industrial microbiology.
There are two main impetuses for this research focus. 611 more words


Alternatives assessment frameworks

A big part of implementing green chemistry in industry is the task of identifying and selecting product or process chemistries that are safer, less resource-intensive, and also functionally better than those we currently use. 892 more words

Green Chemistry


Green Chem., 2016, Advance Article

DOI: 10.1039/C5GC02977E, Communication

Ryosuke Matake, Yusuke Adachi, Hiroshi Matsubara

A convenient preparation of vinyl ethers from alcohols with calcium carbide was developed. 230 more words


Green Synthesis of Benzene and Pyridine Derivatives

In parallel to the discovery of new reactions there is also a need to develop a more “green attitude”. We, synthetic chemists are often too busy focused on our target molecules to pay much attention to the “costs” of our achievements. 285 more words


Nuevo artículo sobre Triazinas en ciencia de materiales

A series of imine-derived triazines with Donor–Acceptor properties have been designed. They are excellent candidates for the interaction with graphene and the construction of optoelectronic devices, as blue Light Emitting-Diodes.

Green Chemistry