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Enjoying Cleaning with the Common Scents God Gave Us

Making the switch from the cleaning products, such as Mr. Clean, that I have used for the last thirty years, to something more ecofriendly and “politically correct” this year has been a definite learning curve. 862 more words


How Green Do You Want To Be? Understanding the Green Puzzle

I have been in this business for over 30 years and have seen a lot of things come and go. Being an old timer I thought the Green movement was going to be a passing fad. 688 more words

Toilet cleaner that became dishwasher powder

I’m slowly building up the number of cleaning and beauty products I make at home and am always reading blogs and trying something new.  Hand soap, deodorant and dishwasher powder are the current ones I’m trying to get right. 1,008 more words

Self Sufficiency

Premier Byron Bay Seasonal House Cleaning Services

When you constantly battle allergies, it can be profitable to devote a little bit more time to washing the areas that you live, work and play. 134 more words

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Alternatives to the Use of Household Cleaners

For those of us that clean, particularly moms (and dads), we may use cleaning products  with very strong odors. Sometimes, the smell is so strong that it makes us cough.   465 more words


How to Clean Without Cleaning Products

My laundry room closet is chock-full of cleaning products. Big surprise, huh? It’s a weakness of mine. Imagine an toddler unleashed on grocery store candy aisle.  1,429 more words

Cleaning Secrets

Green Cleaning: DIY Yoga Mat Spray

Let me start off with a bit of vulnerability and honesty: I take forever to do things. I don’t mean it takes me 30 minutes to unload the dishwasher because I get distracted by everything or I move one dish at a time (though, that’s all true as well). 785 more words

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