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Thieves Household cleaner

This product has to be one of the most versatile cleaners there is. I wanted to write about it to open your eyes to the number of uses there are from one bottle of Concentrate… 663 more words

Why Your Cleaning Service Never Works Out the Way You Plan

We all want a clean and organized house. A dusty place hinders someone to gain comfort from residing in. Unfortunately most of the social people are unable to achieve this as life tends to come in the way. 225 more words

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Lemon Juice Cleaning Tips

Going green in the home can be tough when you start to read the labels of cleaning products. There’s a lot of harsh chemicals out there, many of which will tell you that they are “green”, but they aren’t 100% natural. 388 more words

Green House Cleaning

Dry Cleaning Carpets and Eco-Friendly Standards

Its a game changer and you had better be ready when and if it affects YOU. Our world is changing as new buildings are opting to go green and Eco Friendly. 314 more words

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Recipes to green clean your home

I was fortunate last night to have been given the opportunity to share my best DIY natural household cleaning recipes that we use in our home, cobbled together over the years and refined through trial and error. 952 more words

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Simple fixes for 12 stubborn stains...

It happens all the time, you spill something or cut yourself or drop something. So we thought we’d provide you with a to do list of how to remove some stubborn stains: 428 more words


Tips to eradicate mold in your home naturally

To combat mold in your home, you only need to understand the causes of their presence and some simple natural tips.
Fungi that form mold thrive in moisture and can become a nightmare and invade a building. 471 more words

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