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Your Skin and Laundry Pollution

A major part of achieving beautiful healthy skin has to to with our environment and exposure to chemicals and toxins. Our recent ancestors, never had to deal with the concentration of chemicals polluting every aspect of daily life today. 1,169 more words

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Weekly Wisd-Nom 1.31.16

This week we look at avoiding hazards during green cleaning, how Greenpeace has lost its damn mind and now supports slaughtering seals for their fur, how the USDA is hypocritically telling us to eat more cheese but also lay off the saturated fat – all sandwiched between two happy stories of animals headed for their deaths who ended up in peaceful sanctuaries. 124 more words

Weekly Wisd-Nom

Cleaning product ingredient disclosure bill (AB 708) goes to a vote today

Last week supporters of the initiative to label ingredients of cleaning products gathered on the steps of the Capitol in Sacramento in a break between morning and afternoon lobbying sessions for California state bill AB 708. 394 more words


Hand Washing VS Sickness

Hand hygiene’s newest technology is “Step One” in the Green Cleaning Technologies’ disinfecting protocol

According to the CDC, approximately 80% of infectious diseases are transmitted by touch. 432 more words

Green Cleaning: Tile Grout

There has been a lot of green cleaning recently. When you are trying to sell your house, you need to make sure it’s clean. Even down to the corners and cracks, like tile grout. 243 more words

Save money and health with green cleaning products

Green cleaning for today’s family

It seems that health conscious homeowners are understanding that green cleaning is a lifestyle worth pursuing. As our lives become busier, heavily scheduled, and more stressful, it is easy to simply continue using the latest products that promise to make house cleaning chores even easier. 288 more words

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