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How To: Color Easter Eggs with Natural Eco-Friendly Dyes

Easter is right around the corner, and when it comes to this spring holiday, dying eggs is one of our favorite childhood memories. Instead of store-bought kits and food coloring packets, let your little ones get involved in creating natural dyes from common fruits, vegetables and spices. 122 more words

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25 Easy low-cost GO GREEN ideas for the Office

Going green is good for business and good for the environment. Implementing good go green ideas doesn’t necessarily mean spending lots of money. In fact, using effective go green ideas can actually save you money. 541 more words

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WHAT THINGS TO Expect AFTER YOU Work with Commercial Cleaning Services

New green products are assessed because they are introduced to the marketplace. We recognize that the cleaning industry makes advances in technology frequently, and we plan to incorporate these developments as they become available. 187 more words

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Clean Grout In Bathroom The Green Way

Cleaning grout in the bathroom or just about any tiled area can be somewhat difficult. The difficulty rises when you have to deal with mold, and other elements that can only be cleared with harsh chemicals. 424 more words

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HAIs and Green Cleaning

Hospitals and other medical facilities throughout Canada and the United States continue to be concerned about hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). In Canada, there are approximately 220,000 cases of HAIs reported each year, which translates to about one in nine people becoming infected. 1,188 more words

Keep your carpets clean without chemicals

If you are concerned about the environment and the health and safety of your family then finding a safe way to clean is one of your top priorities, but not always the easiest. 313 more words


New Services: Green Cleaning

We spend a lot of time indoors. Its just a fact of modern life. We sleep all night indoors, wake up get ready indoors, maybe a little bit of fresh air as we walk to the car for the daily commute, commute in the car, maybe a little more fresh air, then into the office building to work all day. 63 more words