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A Better, Brighter, Cleaner Company

Klenzing has adopted an “Earth First” approach to the services we provide. The products we utilize are all either green sealed, natural commercial products or non-toxic solutions. 27 more words

Green Cleaning

Norwex - Clean Less, Live More

I never thought I would be so excited about cleaning products! But when I went to a home party/play date a few weeks ago to learn more about Norwex, I was amazed! 1,013 more words

Work From Home

From Guest Blogger Joel Smith: Green Cleaning--Protect Your Family and Environment

We live in a world today where life and technology are moving fast. While we have all learned to pace ourselves with how the world revolves these days, it comes with a price. 509 more words


The Value of Clean - Excellent graphic for building owners and mangers :)

This is currently my favorite graphic.   Interesting about how cleanliness is the most important factor to customers.  This also seems to highlight the cleaner the building the happier and healthier people are inside of it :)

What is Greenwashing & What Does It Impact?

What is Greenwashing & What Does It Impact?

The market for eco-friendly products has seen tremendous growth in recent years. As a result, many companies have taken advantage of the movement and have endeavored to brand their products as “green” even when those claims may be a bit of a stretch.

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Electronic Device Cleaner

*NOTE: Do not spray solution directly onto screens or exposed areas of electronic devices.

1 Part Rubbing Alcohol

1 Part Water (I prefer distilled water due to the low number of impurities found in it) 14 more words

Green Cleaning

Non-Toxic Cleaning - Essential Oils

Essential oils are natural oils that are extracted from plants. Klenzing utilizes essential oils in several of our non-toxic solutions to add to the benefits of our green cleaning efforts. 7 more words

Green Cleaning