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what the wok - brown rice

i’m currently working at my first restaurant job that phuong (and a few partners) opened, called fishface.  we’re all about good ingredients and freshness…  this means that sometimes employees get to go home with the (not yet spoiled) spoils–which is often brown rice.   141 more words


Green Chicken Curry with Cauliflower Rice

I have, for a very long time, been intrigued by trying one of the new vegetables-replacing-carbs health fads going around at the moment. Given that courgette pasta would involve spending money on a spiraliser…I thought cauliflower rice would be a better starting point. 247 more words


Meatless Monday: Thai Style Green Curry Stir Fry with Freekeh

I have a confession. I’ve been slacking off. Slacking off with meal planning. Slacking off with food prep. And eating some of the same meals over and over again (hint: one rhymes with Bibotle Churrito Coal). 480 more words


Thai Green Curry on a Rainy Night

There is nothing so comforting as curry on a rainy night. Thai curries are one of my all time favorite comfort foods. This one, brought to me by Blue Apron, will make it into my regular rotation. 467 more words


My quick and easy Thai Green soup.

This’ll make you feel comfortable on a bed of needles.

Thai cooking has come to England and been a staple for a lot of people throughout the 2000’s. 357 more words


Sweet Thai Green Curry

I can’t believe it’s Meatless Monday again. Where is the time going to! This week I’ve decided to take my sister to Thailand through the food flavours of tonight’s dish and offer her an aromatic green curry to sample. 437 more words


Thai Green Curry Paste

This paste is easy to make and it freezes really well. The ingredients also freeze well on their own so it’s a good idea to keep well stocked up as you will be wanting more of this fiery and fragrant curry.  106 more words