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American Idiot: The Musical

I’ve never been overly fond of musicals, mostly because I didn’t really understand them. Even as a student of film, they never made a whole lot of sense to me. 1,066 more words

American Idiot

Green Day: Revolution Radio Review | Blood in the Soundwaves

Genre ► Punk Rock, Pop Punk, Alternative Rock

Release Date ► 2017-10-07

Length ► 44:29

Label ► Reprise

Formats ► Digital, CD, Vinyl

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American Idiot The Musical @ QPAC Review

Some of my fondest and most vivid memories are those of singing along to American Idiot in the backseat of mum’s car alongside my brother, back when the song was first released in 2004. 683 more words


Green Day: Rebirth in Troubled Times

I have two words for you. Green Day. This band has become synonymous with spikey hair, thick black eye liner, and a lust to stand up for what’s right in, what they have deemed to be,  “troubled times”. 1,003 more words

WATCH: Guy Yells Green Day Lyrics Whenever His Roommate Is Playing Acoustic Guitar

Have someone in your house that plays guitar? Try doing this next time you catch them playing!

A YouTube user decided to film himself singing Green Day’s “Good Riddance” whenever he caught his roommate playing guitar. 36 more words


Basic tips on how to encourage children to eat healthy foods

Children are generally fussy eaters. They always have to be coaxed into eating with us during the usual mealtimes but again, they don’t easily eat what they are served. 932 more words

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