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Legitimate Self Destruction #12 - Songs

This week’s chapter is not as intense as last week’s. This week we get a peak into Gerard’s mind. It’s not particularly deep, and not particularly useful in terms of story telling or character development. 2,238 more words

Personal Essay

Music I'm Listening To

Music is amazing. Music is life changing. Music brings on so many different emotions and helps deal with so many different things, and in general it always makes you feel better. 571 more words


No Return From 86? I do not give a shit, Deandra.

On Selling Out
Let us break momentarily from this love-in to discuss the idea of Green Day having ‘sold out’. There have been so many words written (more like stabbed into paper with a bloody knife tip) and spoken (more like violently convulsed) about how Green Day were or still are lame because they “sold out” that releasing my opinion here will have the same effect as a fart against the blast of an atomic bomb. 453 more words

Green Day - American Idiot

  • Artist: Green Day
  • Released: 2004 on Reprise Records
  • Genre: Rock

In the light of America’s presidential candidates battling for Obama’s throne in the White House (and jumping through the circus hoops for the rabid press), there’s no better time than now to reflect on this album. 500 more words


Why do I like music so much?

Since the middle ages music has played a role in the human experience. The Renaissance era debuted the idea of vocal performance and ever since then music has been changed. 417 more words

Extraordinary Thoughts

¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, ¡Tre! (Green Day, 2012)

These three words – shouted to signal the start of every song or set – as a title is in and of itself, very punk in spirit. 99 more words


Green Day and Me Part 2: Dookie - A Life Changing Bowel Movement


Release: February 1, 1994
Sales²: US: 10 million; Worldwide: 20 million
Singles: Longview, Welcome to Paradise, Basket Case, When I Come Around, She
Favorite tracks:  1,781 more words