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Manion Park Playground Uses Recycled Glass to Produce Vibrant Paving Option

Bomanite of Tulsa, Inc. worked with Alaback Design Associates to specify Bomanite Revealed Exposed Aggregate System to produce a slip resistant surface for a splash pad on the City of Tulsa, Parks Department project Manion Park. 206 more words

Bomanite Licensees

Staff A-Z of Film: G is for... (Pt.2)

LALLY SAYS G IS FOR: Garbage Warrior (2007)

“We’re trying to develop a method of living that allows people to take care of themselves”

Garbage Warrior is a documentary about American architect Michael Reynolds and his quest to evolve his designs for independent, sustainable living. 379 more words


Zero Percent: A Great Solution for "Wasted" Food to Hungry People

by Lindsey Sharp for SUST 240

During the final year of his PhD studies, Rajesh Karmani discovered something unsettling. A native of Pakistan, Karmani was no stranger to food issues and starvation, but as a student in the more affluent Midwestern city of Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, Karmani was shocked to learn that food insecurity is a widespread problem in the US as well. 342 more words


Portland to Generate Electricity Within Water Pipes: Hello Georgia Power!

There’s a lot of water constantly moving through the municipal pipelines of most major cities. While the water itself is already destined for various uses, why not harness its flow to produce hydroelectric power? 102 more words

Grasscrete Methods to Delineate Parking Spaces

Did you know the use of traditional line paints is the most effective way to delineate stalls on a Grasscrete parking lot? Other methods, such as pouring the concrete in multiple pours, leaving a wider band of concrete between the stalls and planting brushes or shrubs in a predetermined pattern are all ways to distinguish between stalls and to control traffic patterns. 14 more words


7 Cool Tiny Houses Revolutionizing Micro-Living

For a long time in America, the dominant mentality was always “bigger is better.” Finally, “small is beautiful” is having its moment. Tiny houses offer a viable solution for people looking to reduce their environmental impact and live more simply. 487 more words