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Quivet Neck Net Zero House


The existing site is an undisturbed 8 acre parcel in rural East Dennis with abundant wildlife, rolling stone walls and wetlands. The project will minimally disturb less than 1/4 acre on the site and faces the northwest for distant views of Cape Cod Bay. 110 more words

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6 Sculptural Hanging Planters

With the transition into cooler seasons comes the opportunity to welcome your cold-sensitive plants to take residence inside your home. Now rather than plopping your plants on the floor in front of window and hoping for the best, why not create a living design feature with these amazing sculptural hanging planters? 159 more words

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Do LEED-certified buildings result in more productive workers?

Contrary to previous studies that have indicated that worker productivity, health, and overall well-being increase in green offices, a new study by Stefano Schiavon of UC Berkeley’s Center for the Built Environment and Sergio Altomonte of the University of Nottingham’s Environmental Physics and Design Research Group concludes that most office workers do not experience a higher level of workplace satisfaction when working in LEED-certified buildings. 203 more words

GDES3003 - CAT Blog Task


CAT Blog Task

1. Had you heard of CAT before you came on this module? If ‘yes’ then please give an idea where you’d heard about them. 1,024 more words


The design hierarchy

The problem of toxic substances has roots that can be traced back through the organizational levels of industrial systems: from the design and manufacture of products to the design and manufacture of the materials from which products are fashioned, and ultimately to the level of chemical production and molecular design. 827 more words


GDES3003 - Green Design - Main Brief Research & Roughs


Main Brief Research 3 – Packaging (Green & Otherwise)

Definition of Sustainable Packaging

The criteria presented here blend broad sustainability and industrial ecology objectives with business considerations and strategies that address the environmental concerns related to the life cycle of packaging. 558 more words


How to Redecorate Responsibly

Changing your décor can be a quick, cost effective way to make your home feel fresh and updated without extensive renovations. With some planning, you can reduce waste sent to landfill and reduce indoor air pollutants like VOCs (volatile organic compounds). 554 more words

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