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Sky Weaver

“The weavings from nature are often made directly after the subject in the open sky…” Charlotte Schroeder

By Nicosia Smith

It’s weaving fit for royalty and believe it or not, the close spaces of an airplane seat is sometimes where the magic gets started.

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5 Interior Design Trends for Summer 2018

New Outdoor Kitchen Fixtures

Perlick Refrigeraters

Moody Yard Lighting

Garota Outdoor Pendants

Interior Rejuvenating Plants

Living Shower Wall

Versatile Fabrics

Dots Black Pillow Cover

Jocund Dishware

Canvas Home Store, Dauville

Interior Architecture And Design

How Green Design Saves Cities Money

Photo: Annie Novak/Ten Speed Press via AP

It often seems that in the US, we’re in a counterproductive hurry for fast results on everything. Initiatives that can yield better outcomes and more savings in 20 or 30 years, such as early childhood education or sustainable energy, are unpopular with many people because they require investments today. 374 more words

Strategic Planning For Sustainability

Communication was fast at the beginning and slowed down toward the end; interest was high at the beginning and slowed toward the end.

Reflection on strategic planning for sustainability, Don Philpott (2011) 2,187 more words

Outdoor Living: Day Rooms.

Day rooms can be used in one or two of many and different ways. A few of these options are as a library, a greenhouse, a sitting room or a laundry room. 190 more words


Dreamscape 79

Reclaimed/recycled glass sculpture created with russet and crimson reds and variegated metal foil.  Splashy and fun, the red in this truly can’t be captured in a photo. 10 more words

Glass Art

Dreamscape 75

Silver, red and turquoise, this dreamscape tabletop sculpture is a riff on the antique jewelry I admire.  See also Dreamscape 74 to see how these colors are absolutely transformed with a different metal foil. 10 more words

Glass Art