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Importance Of Energy Efficiency

Renewable heat goes hand in hand with energy efficiency. Indeed, renewable heating projects depend heavily for their success on energy efficiency; in the case of solar heating to cut reliance on the requirement supplementary heating, in the case of wood fuel heating to cut the cost of wood purchased and volume stored, and in the case of heat pumps to reduce the size and investment in heat pump, heat sink and electricity costs. 372 more words

Green Design

Deciphering the Neolithic code. How to incorporate cave dwelling stone element into your modern day home.

As the environmental impact of urban development and sprawl becomes increasingly evident, architects and designers are turning more and more toward “green” design. An Earthwatch-supported research project in the South of Italy and France, examined cave dwellings as an inspiring example of sustainable design. 407 more words

Design Defects by Architects

Professionally, an architect’s decisions affect public safety. Hence it is important that an architect undergoes specialized training, consisting of advanced education and internship for practical experience, in order to earn a license to practice architecture. 468 more words

Green Design

Contract Risk-Shifting of Design Liability

Construction and design contracts can be drafted to greatly affect who is assigned liability for design defects and how much of that liability each party will assume. 491 more words

Green Design

Understanding Design Defect Legal Liability

Design and construction services on projects are more integrated now than ever before. As construction and design firms are using BIM software and other resources to improve construction efficiency, that integration is only going to increase. 444 more words

Green Design

Five Interesting Interior Design Product Lines from the 2016 Westedge Design Fair

I have five interesting interior design product lines from my visit to the Westedge Design Fair last weekend that I wanted to share. I’m sharing these in random order but they share some commonalities. 881 more words


Coloring on the Walls

Hi friends!

It’s been a really long time since I have blogged. And who can blame me? The Cubs just won the World Series!!! But in reality, that only accounts for like two weeks and lets be honest, I haven’t written in months. 557 more words