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Greenland is on Fire

There are wildfires.

On Greenland.

In the permafrost.

Which is supposed to be frozen.

(Hence the perma-)

This is not good folks.


Architecture Monday

There’s something quite arresting about this house, in even this one photo.  The sun is certainly one reason why, gleaming off the smooth white polished and plastered walls (from locally sourced lime and salt) to bathe the interior in a sensuous glow… but for me it’s the way that smooth and polished plaster plays off the rough block construction that form the walls and columns, and even more so along the rough groin vaulting of the roof.  98 more words


Why Green Design?

Photo: LEED Certified – Home Office https://down2earthinteriordesign.com/portfolio_page/home-offices/

Why should I bother investing in green design?
• Human Health
There are additives in our home decor products, and in our buildings themselves, that cause health issues. 114 more words

Green Design

•A "Dollop" Of Native Motifs•

The Client’s brief asked for a chalet design of sorts to be built back in my home village of Chavuma in the North Western part of Zambia. 148 more words


Blue Jeans - Are they Bad for the Environment?

Blue jeans are possibly the most popular option for pants in America for every man, woman, and child. When purchasing jeans, did it ever cross your mind that with such a huge popularity these jeans might be bad for the environment? 286 more words


"The Professor's House" in Chapel Hill To Be Open for Public Touring in September.

Designed by Arielle Condoret Schechter, AIA, this small, modern, age-in-place house will be featured on the Fall 2017 Modapalooza Tour.

The Professor’s House,” a small, sustainable, age-in-place house overlooking Morgan Creek in Chapel Hill, has been selected for the Fall 2017… 338 more words

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