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Green dragon

A green dragon sculpture from the Jackson House, site of our weekend watercolor sketching workshop next spring. (Information available in the menu at the upper right corner on our blog.)


Sacred fire

” Πυρός τε ανταμοιβή τα πάντα & πυρ απάντων. ”     Ηράκλειτος

Fire is the beginning & the end of everything. ” Heraclitus

Driftwood 12 x 12 x 33 cm.


Fresh Hop Butternut Saison Belgian Beer

Tonight, around 6:30, at the Green Dragon in Portland, Oregon, my wife and I will release a beer.  But not just any beer.  Our beer.  Our take on a Belgian Saison, which coincidentally occurs while… 726 more words

Feng Shui Fun On The Run

Tired of dust bunnies in stagnant corners? Wake up the Green Dragon with floral arrangements.
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Feng Shui


Midori is my lime green baby dragon who is coming out of her shell and ready to meet the world!

Okay, not really, she’s far too shy for that and would much rather remain in her nest. 20 more words

Day 9: Hawes to the Tan Hill Inn

Wednesday 19th August. The day off did the trick, completely curing my muscle strain. It was a drizzly day, disappointing for Liz and the boys, but ok for a rest day – at least I wasn’t out walking in it. 1,552 more words


Spoofers set sail!

Ready, willing, not necessarily able.

The forth spoofer was busy!