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Double Power Monday Greens

Not much writing this morning. At a portion in the book where the last twenty pages whine like an endless cycle of regret. Sometimes it’s hard to plow through all the shit. 156 more words


Garvey Goes Green!

It’s no secret that we’ve all been feeling the heat this past week with another one of California’s heat waves following us well into the fall. 196 more words

Matcha Miércoles

Or Matcha Mercredi. If you like French better than Spanish. Or Matcha suiyōbi if we are to be culturally (if not alliteratively) correct. And apparently the Japanese term for Wednesday means water day. 216 more words

Green Drinks: Ballast Water Management and Marine Bio-Invasion

This month, we look at ballast water management and how marine bio-invasion can occur in the process of shipping goods. We start with a talk by Ray Huang of PACT, titled “Out of the box ideas to tackle the ballast water conundrum”, followed by a panel discussion. 1,004 more words


5 Nutritional Strategies for Knee Pain

The greatest danger to your knees is simply using your knees–as one does–for years and years and years.  According to WebMD, there’s a 33% chance that if you’re at the doctor, you’re there because your knee hurts. 379 more words


Want a better smoothie? The Everett Herald

Today’s paper had a pretty good article in it about smoothies. Here it is. Her focus was taste mostly and good nutrition; taste is a matter of taste though so you will need to experiment if you start mixing and matching the ingredients she recommends. 79 more words

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Pressed Juicery Wednesday

New flavor alert. Brasil Nut. It was yummy. Most definitely will be duplicating the vibes on the home front. Pop in!