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Choking Down Reflections of the Jean Dance

Warning: Lose weight FIRST to avoid these potential health hazards!

The Dressing Room Spot Light.  Ahhh, the dreaded dressing room stage…where we break our ego, and maybe a leg too. 666 more words

Natural AIM Nutrition for Families

Seeking an all-natural source for nutrition, Directors David and Miriam Borkholder from Kalona, Iowa, turned to AIM whole-food products like AIM BarleyLife® and the AIM Garden Trio®. 445 more words


November Green Drinks: The Salt of the Earth screening + panel discussion - SOLD OUT

This month’s Green Drinks is a ticketed event, and a joint event with the EU Delegation to Singapore and the embassies of Belgium, Germany, Denmark, France, Norway, Sweden and the UK.  208 more words


Sweet Green

I got introduced to Victoria Boutenko’s book few years back, in Puna, Big Island, HI. The goal of this trip to B.I. was intense farming for a week at the taro patches and pineapple fields. 127 more words


Young Adults Who Eat Their Fruits and Vegetables Have Fewer Heart Problems Later

The current crop of youthful people, the “Millennials” –those born between 1982 and 2001–are one of the biggest emerging markets in the world. Forbes magazine reports that they prefer cheap and convenient food with the caveat that they are also willing to pay for healthy food and will even go out of their way to search for it.   207 more words


Garvey Goes Green!

It’s no secret that we’ve all been feeling the heat this past week with another one of California’s heat waves following us well into the fall. 196 more words

Matcha Miércoles

Or Matcha Mercredi. If you like French better than Spanish. Or Matcha suiyōbi if we are to be culturally (if not alliteratively) correct. And apparently the Japanese term for Wednesday means water day. 216 more words