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298,000 workers in Canada's clean energy sector in 2017 according to new Navius report

Released on May 23, Missing the Bigger Picture: Tracking the Energy Revolution 2019  summarizes research commissioned by Clean Energy Canada and conducted by Navius Research.  The report emphasizes the healthy growth of Canada’s clean energy sector – which employed 298,000 people in 2017, representing 2% of Canadian employment.  294 more words

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Amazon Employees for Climate Justice vow to persist despite defeat of their resolution and snub by Jeff Bezos

In the end, approximately 7,700 Amazon employees publicly signed their names to an employee-shareholder resolution calling for stronger climate change action by the company, as well as worker protection in situations related to extreme weather disasters. 355 more words

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Canada is betting on climate failure

“We all have family and friends under the age of forty who will face terrible uncertainties within their lifetimes if action on climate change is not taken. 366 more words

The clean economy workforce in the U.S. and proposals to make it more inclusive

Advancing inclusion through clean energy jobs  is a report  released  by the Brookings Institution in April 2019,  with a goal to determine “ the degree to which the clean energy economy provides labor market opportunities for historically disadvantaged groups, with a particular focus on equity”.  326 more words

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Let's Talk Climate

Global warming, climate change, whatever you name it…our inability to talk about it has brought us to a breaking point.

We’ve procrastinated on climate change for the past 40 years. 848 more words

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Taxing carbon rather than labor

Maybe you don’t believe that carbon dioxide contributes to global warming and you don’t think that even the possibility that it does would be worth worrying about. 823 more words


B.C.'s Energy Step Code estimated to generate 1,700 jobs by 2032 while improving energy efficiency

The B.C. Energy Step Code, enacted in April 2017, is a voluntary standard  which outlines an incremental approach to achieving more energy-efficient buildings in the province of British Columbia, over and above  the requirements of the B.C. 336 more words

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