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Loathsome People

Today is Earth Hour and as usual I shall be lighting a candle – several, actually; plus turning my Rayburn up to eleven; plus turning on all the house lights; plus lighting the patio heaters; plus starting my Landrover and leaving its diesel engine to idle outside in the drive; plus switching on the immersion heater; plus running several hot baths – in tribute to the world’s climate heroes. 248 more words


At What Cost?

Ok, let me get this off my chest just to feel better.

Tonight is “earth hour”, a time, I think 8:30, where everyone is to put out their lights and electricity to say, ‘hey, we want to address this climate change problem. 393 more words

WPC: It IS easy being green

Wind Turbines – love them or hate them, you can’t deny they are impressive and they are springing up all over the world. Along with solar power, wind turbines are cleaner, safer energy producers for the future. 211 more words

Solar powered prosthetic skin

Solar powered prosthetic skin


“Is it possible to use solar power to power artificial skin?”
Many individuals on this planet suffer from skin related wounds, whether it originates from combat, accidents, or sustenance abuse. 175 more words



World Water Day is a United Nations designated awareness campaign started in 1993 to highlight the causes of water impurities and the effects of unclean water. 324 more words

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