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Printable cells, the revolution of clean energy

Scientists came up with this good idea and are working very hard to get the so-called printable solar cells. It has been difficult and many challenges must come, but as Professor Ted Sargent said ““Economies of scale have greatly reduced the cost of silicon manufacturing””. 80 more words

Green Energy

Alberta oilsands power plant bought up by green energy company

A small green power company says it has closed a deal to buy a half-built oilsands power plant in northern Alberta halted 16 months ago by international oil giant Royal Dutch Shell. 182 more words



The Canadian economy is about to be hit with a one-two punch at the hands of President Trump’s United States, and I’m not referring to a renegotiation of NAFTA, which the president said this week he would be “tweaking.” While opening NAFTA up to be picked apart and debated will prove challenging (and could still prove disastrous), what is guaranteed to harm us is Trump’s commitment to lower America’s corporate tax rate and undertake substantial regulatory reform. 189 more words


The GOP is Warming to Climate Reality

In recent months and weeks there has been an outpouring of Republican support for Green Energy and action on Climate Change. A massive change from just a few years ago, when the party was largely skeptical of the scientific facts surrounding the issue. 328 more words


Green energy supply: source or invest?

A growing number of companies adopts renewable energy goals and commits to green energy supply. Top of the bill might be Ikea, that has committed to produce as much renewable electricity as it consumes in its industrial sites, storage sites and shops by 2020. 2,023 more words