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Genetically Modified Algae Could Be Key to Tomorrow’s Bio Solar Cells


BPVs are fuel cells that use the power of photosynthesis in microscopic organisms to create electricity. One new design that uses genetically modified algae is more powerful than previous attempts, and even allows for storage. 397 more words


Mining Asteroids for a Better Earth

By Philip Metzger


Mining asteroids might seem like the stuff of science fiction, but there are companies and a few governments already working hard to make it real. 260 more words


A major Australian university just went all in on solar power

A major Australian university is set to achieve carbon neutrality on its energy use and will have all of its energy needs met by solar…

245 more words

China wants to dominate the world's green energy markets – here's why

xieyuliang / shutterstock

Chris G. Pope, University of Sheffield

If there is to be an effective response to climate change, it will probably emanate from China. 750 more words


Energy Storage in Buildings

Energy Storage in Buildings


“Is there a problem with renewable energy and buildings?”

Renewable energy has large implications for building energy use. However, one of the major problems is that it had difficulty being integrated into the grid systems, as all of the energy comes in as an active form. 20 more words


WePower- Frequently asked questions

This is the second article in a line of updates about the WePower ICO. The team from Crypto Rating Desk is very active in telegram chats from upcoming ICO’s to be able to further elaborate on questions that many people have and details that people want to be further informed on. 455 more words

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Does Global Warming Slow Down Wind Turbines?

Does Global Warming Slow Down Wind Turbines?


“How can climate change slow down our renewable energy portfolio?”

Wind Energy is one of the most fundamental renewable energy resources. 68 more words