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What Is Greenwashing?

Greenwashing. I had never heard of the term until I started reading into ethical and sustainable fashion. I had never experienced it until I started questioning brands about their ethical stance. 324 more words


Apple sophistication: the statement bag

This statement by Happy Genie combines sophistication with sustainability.

Last Monday I visited Soul Salon fashion trade show in Amsterdam. After my shot of inspiration… 78 more words


Emerald Dream

Vibrant colours are a key trend this Spring/Summer. Named the Crayola Colour trend by Marie Claire, this is the year to add some bold, exciting colours to your wardrobe and if you’re anything like me…. 310 more words


How I ended up writing for Green Fashion Week

Fashion plays a big part of my life and I love to tinker with it. At the same time, I try to make more conscious decisions when it comes to shopping. 215 more words

Environmental Science & Technology

Green is the new black (hopefully)

As I can’t stop repeating it (and if you still haven’t noticed it, you should take a look at my first blog post “the Devil won’t always wear Prada”) I love fashion, I love how its offers a variety of styles and trends and how everyone can find what they heart desire no matter the budget they have. 1,490 more words


A big part of my year this year has been dedicated to trying to reduce the amount of waste I create. Ive touched on this before ( 512 more words


Zero Waste Fashion

Making things from scraps

Recently I’ve been so conscious of my carbon footprint, especially in my wardrobe. As I bang on about every post on this blog i am desperately trying to move away from buying ‘fast fashion’ for a number of reasons, a big one of those being the ethical and environmentally damaging nature of the industry. 433 more words