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Green is the new black (hopefully)

As I can’t stop repeating it (and if you still haven’t noticed it, you should take a look at my first blog post “the Devil won’t always wear Prada”) I love fashion, I love how its offers a variety of styles and trends and how everyone can find what they heart desire no matter the budget they have. 1,490 more words


A big part of my year this year has been dedicated to trying to reduce the amount of waste I create. Ive touched on this before ( 512 more words

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Zero Waste Fashion

Making things from scraps

Recently I’ve been so conscious of my carbon footprint, especially in my wardrobe. As I bang on about every post on this blog i am desperately trying to move away from buying ‘fast fashion’ for a number of reasons, a big one of those being the ethical and environmentally damaging nature of the industry. 433 more words

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Why are vintage bags a good investment?

Shopping vintage is one of the best ways to find unique pieces that don’t break the bank or the planet. Vintage bags in particular have been increasingly regarded has great investment pieces with unique period pieces or classic luxury designer bags increasingly going up in value. 356 more words

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Top 7 tips for eco - friendly Halloween costumes

A holiday loved by children and adults alike, Halloween is just a few days away and we couldn’t be more excited! Instead of buying each year a new costume that has potentially been made through questionable manufacturing practices and that you are less likely to reuse, here are our top tips on how to make your Halloween costume this year more eco-friendly as well as more affordable. 248 more words

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Nike's Flyleather is here to change the trainers industry

In 2012 Nike introduced the Flyknit technology which allows them to produce light, strong and adaptive footwear with 60% less waste than the industry footwear manufacturing average. 203 more words

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Green Living Guy Green Breakthrough Model 2017 Theresa Longo

This fourth, 2017 Green Living Guy Next Breakthrough Model of the Year was decided upon quite earlier than in most years. Frankly because there were no other choices hands down. 1,328 more words