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Drip Irrigation FAQ

For the past few weeks, Roanoke Landscapes has been busy turning on irrigation systems for our clients. This dry, hot weather makes irrigation systems especially appealing. 568 more words

Can a Warm Winter Inhibit Spring Growth?

So far, most of the United States has had an unusually mild winter. For some, this unseasonably warm weather means being able to spend more time out in the garden or working on landscaping projects. 370 more words

Rose Platter: water your garden early morning or late evening...

Rose Platter: throw away your garden sprinklers


Sprinklers waste a good bit of water through evaporation. Instead use rubber soaked hoses. They leak moisture to the soil at slow rates, enabling the water to be absorbed rather than running off. 44 more words

Smart Gardening: Best Apps for Your Garden

For some, gardening is a way to escape from the endless buzz of technology. Texts, emails, and work notifications can easily disturb the peace that comes with cultivating your own flowers and produce. 543 more words

Green Gardening Secrets: Native Planting

“Going Native” has become a popular topic of discussion in green gardening communities, and landscaping companies are taking note. Building off of research that attests to the benefits of native planting, landscapers have begun offering their customers more native foliage options. 370 more words

Green Gardening Secrets: Making a Rain Garden

In these hot, dry summer months, you may be looking for a way to conserve water and cut down on your bills without neglecting your plants. 721 more words

Green Gardening Secrets: Compost!

Good, fertile soil is like black gold to gardeners. It is invaluable resource that, in many places across the U.S, is unfortunately hard to find. Regular applications of fertilizer can help add nutrients to nutrient-poor soil, but, for money-conscious gardeners, there is a cheaper, all-natural solution that can be made right at home. 622 more words