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This is the fourth and last post for my series on The Amazing Spider-Man #1-100 as a novel. 1,966 more words


Treat Yo Self Episode 6: Marvel Collectors Corp Villains Reveal

Despite leaving forwarding address info with the post office, my move to Oregon delayed the delivery of my Marvel Collector Corp box until yesterday. I’ve enlisted the help of our youngest member on the WCPE team and cracked open the latest package. Check it out!


A Crudely Drawn Comic: Spider-Man - Trolling Villains Since 1962

The Green Goblin has had a lifetime of frustration due to that pesky meddling teenage lucha nerd!

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5 Things I Use to Break Bad "Not-Writing" Habits

I have not written consistently recently. There’s not much I HAVE done consistently recently –except use the same two words in back to back sentences only revering the order – isn’t that some sort of palindrome? 816 more words

God's Will

Captain America #614: Bucky Barnes

A-story: Ed Brubaker // Jackson Guice
March 2011
A-story: ****

Brubaker revives Buck’s brainwashed backstory, a link to the early heyday of this run. #614 combines ‘street-level’ tropes (violence in the courtroom!) & supervillainy (rants & bombs), & offers a good perf by the manipulative Dr. 42 more words

Captain America

VIDEO: Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin - Who Really Won the Fight?

Bandit Incorporated is at it again with another episode of Who Won The Fight? This time, it is Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin from the original… 60 more words


#0697: Green Goblin & Peter Parker/Spider-Man



The line may have made it well past 60 series, but Marvel Minimates had rather humble beginnings. It started with three series, each centered on one of Marvel’s hottest properties of the time. 652 more words