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2016 SDCC Hasbro Breakfast Marvel Legends

Hasbro revealed some new Marvel Legends figures at their annual SDCC Breakfast.  In addition to some new Dr. Stange movie figures, it looks like Kamala Khan gets her own figure, as well as some more Spider-Man themed one.   31 more words


The greatest comic book villains: The Green Goblin

Insane, Machiavellian and inconsequential, the character is the alter ego of business tycoon and scientist Norman Osborn

Denis Carrilho

Norman is the owner of business conglomerate Oscorp and uses its thirst for power to go beyond the limits of the law, wishing to become the greatest criminal mind in town. 337 more words

Marvel Comics

Spider-Man's Suggestion About The Deadpool Movie

So now even Spider-man’s breaking the 4th wall.

From – Spider-man – Deadpool #6


Some of the most notable dads in geekdom

Last month we looked at some of the most notable moms in geekdom and of course today, we would be remiss if we didn’t do the same for dads. 732 more words

PCU Zeitgeist

Ulysses Predicts Clash Fighting Spider-Man

I’m finally getting a sense of what Iron Man is objecting to, in regards to Ulysses’s power to predict the future. It’s all well and good when you get an advance notice about an impending disaster, or rampage from a super-villain. 109 more words


Can Spider-man Come Out To Play?

I can’t believe Sam Raimi’s Spider-man film is over 14 years old. That’s older than Tim Burton’s Batman when Spider-man was originally released (2002)! Where does the time go? 98 more words