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When it comes to villains, Spider-Man is my opinion is tied with Batman as having the most recognizable rogues gallery: Sandman, Vulture, Electro, Venom, Carnage, Rhino, and Doc Ock are just some of the baddies that someone who doesn’t even read Spider-Man comics may know as they were either in a movie, an episode of an animated series, a video game, or in some cases all three. 1,414 more words


Marvel Decides Whether Or Not If They Give Us Peter Parker

Ever since we learned that Spider-Man was swinging his way back over to Marvel to join the studio’s ever-expanding Cinematic Universe, there has been debate over which secret identity the web-slinger would assume. 555 more words


Emerald City Comicon Prints (pt 1)

I’ll be selling art prints at Emerald City Comicon this year. Full color 8.5×11″ prints for 15 dollars. Over the next week, in the ramp up to the con, I’ll be posting more and more of these on the site, so by all means, stop by table FF-04 and say hello, and pick up some art. 14 more words


Toy Review! Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors Titan Hero Series

So this past week my roommate and I acquired some of the Titan Hero Series figures. Namely, we got our hands on the “Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors” Green Goblin, Iron Spider, and Agent Venom figures. 628 more words

Green Goblin

Green Goblin

Line: Marvel Famous Covers

Series: 1

Scale: 8.5 inch

Height: 8.5 inches

Comments: none


Villains for Spider-Man (MCU) - Some Ideas

The tricky part about doing a new Spider-Man movie is that the film has to be notably different from the previous two reboots. The Amazing Spider-Man did this by trying to achieve a grittier look and different love interest. 606 more words

The Avengers

Green Goblin

Line: Marvel Legends

Series: 13 (Bring on the Bad Guys)

Scale: 6 inch

Height: 6 inches

Comments: none

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