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The Amazing Spider Man Spider Hunt Review

Time for another classic Spider Man volume! You can never tire of these adventures and this was during the height of quality for the famous hero. 1,292 more words


14 years ago today started one of the most fun web-slinging adventures ever

May 3, 2002 was the day everyone’s friendly neighborhood Spider-Man swung into theaters and stole our hearts. It was the first great Marvel movie — although it was under the Sony Pictures name — that got the comic book company thinking about making its own movie studio. 119 more words


Out Today: Spider-Man Storybook Collection

Marvel’s new Spider-Man Storybook Collection is out today! I wrote four stories for this book, featuring (in addition to Spidey, natch) Ms. Marvel, Venom, Doc Ock, Green Goblin, and Electro. 91 more words


Top Ten Spider-Man Villains


Flint Marco stumbles into a nuclear testing site, and his skin bonds to radioactive sand, letting him become a pile of sand at will. He is able to squeeze into tight spaces and move easily as he can just become sand. 772 more words


The Real Hoverboard Puts Green Goblin To Shame

Real or fake?  The lift off part isn’t shown!  The landing was edited out.  Nonetheless, it looks real when he is in the air.  It’s an incredible feat if this is real.   26 more words


Dollar Bin Review: Green Goblin #3

Oh the dollar bins, that place where comics go to languish into nothingness when stores think that nobody cares about a certain issue (which is partly true), or they over ordered on a comic and have little choice but to drop the price to a dollar and hope they can get something for them. 630 more words