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UnHappy All-Fools day!

Piers Corbyn comments on the Port Talbot story (see also his prescient November comments):

April 1st 2016 – Thought for the day by Piers Corbyn…

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Bjørn Lomborg Terminates Arnie's Diatribe

Most of your 19,000 daily deaths are from renewables.

Dear Arnold.

You’re simply wrong about 19,000 people dying each day from fossil fuels. Most die from renewables.

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Fear Mongering

Fresh Snow in Highlands - is it Winter or Summer?

Mark Vogan has an excellent post up looking at past instances of early summer snows in the UK. Whilst 1975 is probably the most renowned it is far from unprecedented, although rare, and has a habit of being accompanied by ‘climate extremes’. 1,944 more words

Climate Always Changes