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A Letter From a Bug

Killing Pests

Hey! I’m a bug, a Blattella germanica,  and I know you don’t like me. You call me a pest, scream when you see me,  and scramble to find that can of toxic spray you bought at the store last week. 224 more words

Bedbug sprays fail to kill even vulnerable insects in researchers’ test

I found this study on the web. It just goes to show again that using pesticides are not the way to get rid of bedbugs. 683 more words

Pesticides Lose Again in Battle Against BedBugs

Bug Bombs, smoke bombs, and pesticide foggers are all devices used to kill household insects, but they are no match for bedbugs, a report published in the  149 more words

How to Get Rid of BedBugs Naturally

How to rid of bed bugs naturally

The old saying goes: “Good Nite, Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.” While this little rhyme was supposed to be humorous and scary to little children, there is certainly nothing actually funny about bed bugs. 625 more words

BedBugs Inc. - Coming to a theater near you.

How do you get bedbugs?

How to you get rid of bedbugs?

How do you treat bedbugs?

What are Bedbugs?

All your questions can be answered at: www.bedbug-treatments.com

What is a Pest Inspection?

As an owner of a Pest Control Company I do many, many insepections each year. There are different kinds of Pest Inspections:

  1. WDO (Wood destroying Organism Inspections)
  2. 445 more words

Are The Cockroaches Singing In Your House?

Hopefully they are not singing you lullaby’s.

There is an old mexican song that talks about a cockroach. I have never really understood the meaning of the song, but I was quite impressed that the Mexicans had a song about a cockroach. 366 more words