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green is good

yesterday’s lunch and tea, healthiest i think i’ve ever eaten … 9 more words

Self Portrait

I am a girl.

I find a mirror.

I am a girl with long black hair, of which individual strands occasionally shine golden in the sunlight, and usually pulled back in a messy bun — not the kind you make with a hair net, the kind you make with a rubber band. 154 more words

More Green, Less Trash: A Do-It-Yourself Compost Pit

As part of my New Year “Green Goals“, I have recently started looking at composting at home last January. I must admit, I had to do a lot of reading and researching because I have never done this before. 1,039 more words


A Win for the Planet | With Love, From Paris

The COP21 Summit produced an historic agreement between the world’s nations to reduce carbon emissions and fight climate change. If everyone follows through, it is a definite win for us and Mother Nature! 38 more words


Pierrefonds' Dirty Little Secret

Thanks to reporters like the Gazette’s Linda Gyulai the secret behind the Mafia owning Pierrefonds land is out – bet the Mayors didn’t want that one to come out. 208 more words

Green Is Good

Weekend Reading

We know that with high density development, such as the one in Pierrefonds, the removal of green spaces leads to sharp decreases in property values. Home owners closest to the new construction will take the greatest losses, about 20% or more of their equity.A $400,000 dollar home will lose about $80,000 of its value. 103 more words

Green Is Good

Coderre's Legacy of Destruction

Il s’agit de la plus grande destruction de terres agricoles dans la région métropolitaine depuis des décennies. De plus, la construction de plus de près de 6000 unités de logement dans un secteur très mal desservi par le transport en commun ne fera qu’aggraver les problèmes de congestion dans l’Ouest de l’île.

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Green Is Good