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Exponential growth and Earth Day

On this Earth Day, there is little doubt that we are living in an exponential society as opposed to linear one. Change is happening so rapidly and broadly that it challenges our traditional (linear) way of thinking. 306 more words


On a green note, ....

A lot of people are not aware that the digital advertising and creative industry could also contribute towards the green environment movement. We need to create fast loading content, precise wordings (without being garrulous) and precise coding (so that html source codes do not cause defective pages or resorting to redirects unnecessarily). 157 more words

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Le Cloud est-il green ?

En avril dernier, nous vous proposions la lecture du position paper “Le Cloud est-il Green“, réalisé par l’Alliance Green IT en partenariat avec D2SI.  130 more words

The almond milk

The almond milk is a drink very well known and loved for its sweetness, delicate flavor and for its properties. Is called milk, because its appearance, liquid and white, reminiscent of that of animal milk, but it is a… 241 more words

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Plant milk

Recently, I opened up a new world: the plant milk, namely rice milk!

I met him in the preparation of the Golden Milk, and as many times as I enthusiastically … ♫ together forever and never to part … ♫ 433 more words

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The rice milk

Milk is a drink widespread omnivorous feeding, both in diets for children than for adults. Some people, also for personal choices as to follow a vegan diet or to lactose intolerance, it may haven’t recourse. 445 more words

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The soy milk

Tired of the usual milk and swollen because you can not digest it properly? “Maybe,” an alternative to be introduced in our diet could be… 395 more words

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